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NYSC: What to Do If You’re Married and Wrongly Posted

Married NYSC Female Corps Members: What to Do If You Are Wrongly Posted
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For married prospective corps members, getting posted to states far from their husbands or their states of residence used to be a challenge.

But recently, the NYSC made it official that married female PCM’s can request a change of posting based on their marital status.

When you’re filling the NYSC form as a married female PCM, you’ll need to upload some documents supporting your marriage.

These documents will help NYSC determine where to post you.

If you prefer to serve in your husband’s state, your husband’s local government identification will be important.

If you want to serve in the state where he resides, the domicile letter will be necessary.

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What to Do If You Are Wrongly Posted

So after completing the NYSC registration process and providing the required credentials, some married corpers still ended up being posted to states they didn’t intend to serve in.

If this happens to you, don’t worry! There is a solution for it.

First, check if all the required documents were correctly uploaded by you or the cafe where you registered.

The necessary documents include:

  • Your husband’s ID card (e.g., National ID Card, Driver’s License, or Company ID)
  • His Local Government Identification
  • Marriage certificate recognized by the court or religious body
  • Newspaper publication of the change of your name
  • Utility bill or employer letter.
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If you find that everything was uploaded correctly, but you were still posted to a different state, it’s NYSC’s error, not yours or the cafe’s fault.

In that case, you can go to your husband’s state NYSC camp or his state of residence NYSC camp (whichever applies to you).

There, you can report the issue and lodge your complaint. The camp officials will check their portal and database to verify that you followed the correct procedure.

If they find everything in order, they will accept you into the camp for further orientation activities.

This process has been in place for years, but it gained official recognition recently when NYSC published a statement backing this procedure.

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According to NYSC:

All married females (PCMs) who are deployed to States where their husbands are not domiciled should report to their State NYSC Orientation Camp for the State of Deployment to be changed. They are to report during the period of registration at the Orientation Camps with copies of their marital and other relevant documents as evidence.

So, don’t settle for redeployment if you’re posted to a different state than your husband’s.

You have the option to report to the right state, and they’ll manually check things for you to ensure you serve where you’re supposed to.

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