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Is it Possible to Serve in the NYSC Twice or More?

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to serve the nation twice during your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)?

Do you know someone who claims to have served more than once? This post delves into the truth about how many times a graduate can actually serve in Nigeria.

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As of now, NYSC strictly allows graduates to serve only once. Once you complete your 12-month service to your fatherland, you receive a certificate of completion, commonly known as the discharged certificate.

The official rule is that one can serve just once, and that’s it.


But, interestingly, there have been stories of graduates who allegedly found ways to serve more than once.

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Some even claim to have served three times. How is this possible? Can one really beat the system and serve multiple times?

Is it Possible to Serve in NYSC More Than Once?

Well, it’s natural to be skeptical about such claims. After all, NYSC keeps a database of all serving and served corps members. How could anyone manage to beat the system?


However, it’s essential to acknowledge that there are loopholes within the system. For instance, some individuals manage to manipulate the system to get a direct posting to their desired locations, even if they initially chose a different state during registration.

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We’ve also heard of over-aged graduates buying their way into the service, using an ineligible date of birth.

While I don’t encourage anyone to try serving more than once through dishonest means, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the possibility.


Is There a Way to Serve in NYSC Twice?

If there are ways to bypass the system in certain areas, it’s not far-fetched to assume the same might be true for serving multiple times.

It’s worth mentioning that NYSC is well aware of these potential loopholes, and they have included in their laws the appropriate punishments for such offenses.

Consequences of Serving in NYSC Twice

Serving more than once can lead to a penalty of two years’ imprisonment or a fine of N4,000, or both, as stated in Section 13(b) of the National Youth Service Corps Act.



In conclusion, according to the law, graduates are legally allowed to serve in NYSC only once. Attempting to serve more than once, or finding ways to do so, can lead to serious consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

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It’s essential to abide by the rules and guidelines set by NYSC, ensuring a smooth and lawful service year for everyone.


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