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Should I Print My NYSC Call-Up Letter In Colored or Black and White?

Is nysc call up letter out?

So, you’ve successfully completed the NYSC online registration process, and now it’s time to prepare for orientation camp. One important document you need to know where you are going for the next three weeks camping is the NYSC call-up letter. But the burning question remains: Should you print it in color or black and white?

Importance of the NYSC Call-Up Letter

The NYSC Call-Up Letter is not just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket into the orientation camp, it contains information about your state of deployment, reporting date, and orientation camp address.

Should NYSC Call Up Letter Be Printed in Colored or Black and White?

The NYSC management has left no room for ambiguity in this matter. The official stance is clear: the NYSC Call-Up Letter should be printed in color. This directive is not an arbitrary preference; it holds practical significance.


So, there you have it—no need for a grayscale debate. When it comes to printing your NYSC Call-Up Letter, embrace the colors!

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