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How To Write NYSC Leave Letter With Sample

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After finishing the three weeks training at the NYSC orientation camp, you may want to return home to gather necessary supplies before heading to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Corps members typically request for leave immediately after the orientation camp experience to enable them to collect the required supplies for their place of primary assignment.

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During the camp, most corps members only bring items needed for the three weeks period. Nobody comes to the camp with furniture such as a kitchen cabinet, bed, or bed stand. You can bring these supplies and more to your PPA, but not to the orientation camp.

Therefore, after completing the orientation camp, it may be necessary to go home and gather necessary supplies for the remaining service year. To do this, you will need to know how to write a formal NYSC leave letter. Fortunately, I will provide examples and guidance on how to write an NYSC leave letter.


To travel after completing the orientation course at the NYSC camp, it is mandatory for corps members to write an NYSC leave letter.


How To Write NYSC Leave Letter

The letter should be addressed to the NYSC state coordinator, and it must be approved by several officials including the Zonal Inspector, the Local Government Inspector, and the head officer/employer at the Place of Primary Assignment.

There are two types of leave available: one week and two weeks. A corps member can apply for a maximum of 2 weeks leave during their one year service, and they can either apply for a one week leave twice or a two weeks leave once.


However, if a corps member applies for a two weeks leave, they will not be able to apply for any further leave during their service year.

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Take note the following;

  1. It is important to wait until your leave request is granted before traveling after submitting the leave application letter to NYSC.
  2. Make sure you have completed all necessary documentation at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) before submitting your leave application letter to the NYSC.
  3. Submit your leave application letter to the NYSC state coordinator in your state of deployment through your Local Government Inspector (LGI) or Zonal Inspector (ZI).
  4. Make sure not to exceed the period granted for your leave on the application letter.

NYSC Leave Letter Format

Take a look at an example of an NYSC leave letter, as well as examples of well-crafted leave applications.

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[Your PPA address]
The State coord i nator,
NYSC [Your State of deployment]
The Zonal Inspector
Through: JAMB Result
The Local Government Inspector
[Your PPA head]


Dear Sir,


I [full name]with state code No. Wish to seek your permission to
travel for two weeks, from to [starting date] to[return date] to enable
me bring back my properties left at home in other to settle down
properly for work at my Place of Primary Assignment.


Thanks for your consideration.

[State code]
[Phone number]


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