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Can I Go for NYSC With a Foreign Degree?

How to get NYSC exemption letter for foreign students
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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is an initiative designed to involve Nigerian graduates in nation-building and development. Many Nigerian students who have obtained their degrees from foreign universities often wonder if they are eligible for the NYSC program.

The good news is that graduates with foreign degrees are eligible to participate in the NYSC, provided they meet certain requirements.

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The process involves getting your foreign degree verified and equated by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria. This is to ensure that the foreign qualification is equivalent to a Nigerian degree, as recognized by JAMB.

After verification, foreign graduates must then present themselves for physical verification at the various NYSC orientation camps. They are required to bring along original copies of their academic credentials and other necessary documents for screening.


It’s important to note that participation in the NYSC for foreign graduates is not automatic; it requires careful planning and adherence to the guidelines set by the NYSC and JAMB. Therefore, it’s advisable for foreign graduates to start the process early to ensure all requirements are met before the commencement of the service year.

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In summary, going for NYSC with a foreign degree is possible. Start by verifying your degree with the Federal Ministry of Education and follow through with the NYSC’s guidelines for foreign-trained graduates.


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