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How to Solve “No Record Found” on NYSC Senate List

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The annoying thing that Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) encounter when trying to verify their names on the Senate list uploaded by their Institution on the NYSC portal is an error message which read as, “No Record Found. Contact your school for verification of the approved list

This can be frustrating, especially when other PCMs have started seeing their names on the Senate List and online registration in progress but you can’t register.

During this period, there used to be panic among those who have not seen their names on the list.

This can even be worse, especially when some people who graduated from the same Institution as you have seen their names but yours keep displaying “No record found” as if your village people are following you.

Before we continue, please click check your name on the NYSC graduation List.

So, in this article, I will show you the best way you can solve the problem of “No Record Found” on the NYSC Senate list.

How To Solve the Problem of “No Record Found” On NYSC Senate List

Below are steps to solve the problem of No record found on the NYSC Senate list;

1. Make sure you insert your correct Matriculation Number

Most Prospective Corps Members usually make this mistake. Your Matriculation Number must be correctly inserted using your school format. Different schools use different format, i.e. 2011554020, 2011/5540/020, Esut/2011/020 etc.

So, it’s your responsibility to find out the correct format your school matriculation number is written.

Also, note that Matriculation number is not the same as JAMB Registration number, some PCMs do mistake the two.

Your Matriculation number is the personal identification number that your school assigned to you as their students after admission.

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2. Your Surname must be properly spelled

Some people when they wrote JAMB, their name was not properly spelled, and they think it will change by entering or writing the correct ones when submitting their name to their school.

It is most likely that the Surname as used in JAMB will be used to upload your name unless you applied for a change of name through JAMB.

3. Use Your First Name In Place of Surname

If the Surname you are using is not working, try to use your first name in place of your surname, because it might be that your school is using your Surname and other names interchangeably.

Try using all other names you have as Surname when checking your name on the Senate list to see if any of them will work.

4. Your Date of Birth should be correct

Make sure your Date of Birth is correctly entered. It is funny that some people suddenly change their Date of Birth while in school by merely writing what they like. Now they have graduated, they forget the one they supplied to JAMB. Please, try to remember and enter that date of Birth as used when writing your JAMB.

Note: Sometimes when click “year” dialogue box on the NYSC portal to enter your year of birth, the box will not be ‘clicking’, just leave it that way and click “Search” button after you have entered other details.

5. Contact your school

If you apply the four recommended solutions above, and you are still seeing “No record found…” contact your school to ask them about the progress of the senate list.

If they tell you that they have not submitted, then don’t bother yourself, wait patiently until they submit.

But if they said that they have submitted or if some people in your school have already seen their names on the list, then implement Number 6 solution below.

6. Go and try if you can register online:

If the online registration has started, what you should is to login to the NYSC registration portal to try if you can be able to register.

The is because your name might have been uploaded by your school on the portal but due to some hitches on the NYSC system, you keep getting “No record found…”

So, if you proceed to register and it goes through or allows you without stopping your by displaying message that read as “Your Institution has not fulfilled the mandatory documents requirements” or something similar to that, just smile and continue to register.

But if it stopped you again, relax and wait for your school to upload their senate list. DO NOT panic because they will surely upload it. In other words;

If you try to register online and your details appear, continue with the registration, and forget about the Senate List. But if you cannot be able to register online, go ahead to contact your school, at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Right procedures to check your name on the NYSC senate list submitted by your Institution

Under this section, we are going to give you steps on how you can check your name on the Senate List.

This post will to guide you on how to verify/check your name on the NYSC Senate List for all Batches and for all Institutions’.

It is very important that your name and details are found on the NYSC Senate List for if not, you won’t be able to register online at the NYSC portal.

But if your name and details are found on the Senate list, and the ‘status’ column displays message that read as “you can now proceed to register online” or something similar. It means that your institution has successful forwarded your details to the NYSC and that you have fulfilled any other requirements.

How to verify your name on the Senate List

1. Go to the NYSC Senate List Portal

2. Scroll down under “Important Information” section.

3. Click on “Check Senate List or its equivalents”

4. Select your institution’s Name

5. Input your Matriculation Number

6. Input your D. O. B, and

6. Click on “Submit” button

If you see your name and other details, please check the “status column to know if your are eligible to register online when the NYSC portal opens.

But if you are told, “No record found, contact your Institution”, that means your name has not yet been forwarded to NYSC.

Thank you for reading, please share this message to help other people.

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