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Difference between NYSC Graduation List and Senate List

NYSC Graduation List (Batch A 2023) ▷ Check Name Online Now!
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Are you a prospective Corps Member and feeling a little puzzled about the NYSC Graduation List and Senate List?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Let’s clear up any confusion and help you distinguish between these two essential lists.

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NYSC Graduation List

The NYSC Graduation List is a straightforward compilation of graduates from a specific institution.

It serves as proof that you have successfully completed your studies at that particular school.


Every name of graduates from that institution is included in this list, making it a comprehensive record of all bona fide graduates.

However, it’s important to note that being on the Graduation List doesn’t automatically mean you are qualified for NYSC registration or that you will serve with the current batch.

It simply signifies that you are a graduate of a higher institution.


How to Check Your Name on the Graduation List

the procedures below to check your name online on the NYSC graduation list:

  • Go to the NYSC Portal via
  • Select your Batch
  • Supply your Programme – College (Monotechnic), HND (Polytechnic), or 1st Degree (University)
  • Select your Institution
  • Select your Course of Study
  • Finally, click on “Extract PCM” button to view the list
  • Once you click on “Extract PCM”, the graduate list will display on the screen
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NYSC Graduation List (Batch A 2023) ▷ Check Name Online Now!

Pay attention to the column, “Status”. If you have registered for NYSC before, the status will display “Registered” but if you have not registered, the status will display “Yet To Register”.

NYSC Senate List

On the other hand, the NYSC Senate List is a special roster of graduates who have been deemed eligible for NYSC service by their respective institutions.


This list is of paramount importance as it informs NYSC about your individual qualification for the program.

The Senate List goes through a series of verification processes before appearing on the NYSC Portal, enabling you to proceed with your NYSC registration.

The procedure typically involves your school initially posting the Senate List at the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) or making it available on your portal.


You may review and make corrections if necessary. Subsequently, the list is sent to Abuja, where NYSC conducts its verification in collaboration with JAMB to confirm the authenticity of all names.

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Once the necessary official steps are completed, the Senate List is uploaded on the NYSC portal, and you can then check to verify your name. Until this final step is accomplished, you will not be able to proceed with your NYSC registration.

How To Check NYSC Senate Approved List

Follow the five simple steps below to check whether your name has
been uploaded to the NYSC Senate approved list:

  1. Visit NYSC Senate / Academic Board list portal via
  2. Select your Institution.
  3. Supply your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns.
  4. Select your date of birth.
  5. Finally, click the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status.

Note: Uploading of names is still ongoing. If you have issues regarding ‘date of birth’ or ‘correction of name‘, contact your school Students Affairs Unit.

If your name is yet to be uploaded on the portal, your school might still be in the process of uploading. So you can keep checking back. Any complaint should be directed to your institution without delay.

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Key Takeaway

The NYSC Graduation List and the Senate List are distinct and serve different purposes. While the Graduation List confirms your status as a graduate, it does not automatically qualify you for NYSC.

On the other hand, the Senate List is crucial as it validates your eligibility for the NYSC program, allowing you to register and serve in the forthcoming NYSC batch.


Focus on ensuring your name is on the Senate List, as that is the list that truly matters for NYSC mobilization.

While it’s good to check your name on the Graduation List, your main concern should be the Senate List, as it paves the way for your NYSC journey.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them in the comment box below. We are here to assist you throughout your NYSC journey!


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