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NYSC Registration: List of Six (6) Documents To Be Uploaded By Married Women

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If you’re a married woman going for NYSC, you have two options for where you want to be posted. You can choose to go to your husband’s state where he’s from or lives, or you can go to any state that NYSC chooses for you. Most married women want to be close to their husbands and families, so they prefer the first option.

But you can’t just decide on your own. There are rules you have to follow to make sure you get posted to the right place. There are two ways to do it:

  • Option 1: When you fill out your NYSC form, you can indicate that you’re married and request to be posted to your preferred state.
  • Option 2: You can register without mentioning that you’re married. But when you get to the NYSC camp, you need to submit a letter explaining that you’re married and want to be redeployed.

In both cases, you need to provide documents to prove that you’re really married. If you choose option 1, you will need to scan and upload the documents during your online registration. If you choose option 2, you will have to give the physical documents to NYSC officials at the camp.

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If you go with option 1, you will only be posted to your husband’s state or where he lives. But if you choose option 2, they will first assign you to any state, and then you will be moved to your husband’s state later.

Now, you may be wondering, what documents do you need to provide? During the NYSC registration, you need to scan and upload certain documents to prove that you’re married. And if you want to be redeployed based on marriage, you will need to submit these documents in person at the camp.

NYSC Online Registration Requirements for Married Women

To prove that you are married, you will need to provide the following documents if you are a married female corps member:

  1. Marriage Certificate or Court Affidavit of Marriage: This is a legal document that shows you are officially married. It can be obtained from the registry office or court.
  2. Newspaper Change of Names: This is a publication in a newspaper indicating that you have changed your last name to your husband’s last name after marriage.
  3. Husband’s Official ID Card: You need to provide a copy of your husband’s identification card, such as his National ID Card, Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License. This helps to verify his identity.
  4. Husband’s Local Government Identification/Domicile Letter: This is a letter issued by your husband’s local government area confirming his residency. It serves as proof of his address.
  5. Utility Bill or Letter From Employer: You need to provide a recent utility bill (e.g., electricity bill, water bill) or a letter from your husband’s employer that shows his address.
  6. O’level (SSCE) Result: This refers to your secondary school certificate or statement of result. It is required for verification purposes.
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It is important to remember that, besides the marriage certificate and newspaper change of name, the purpose of your husband’s documents is to determine where you will be posted. Therefore, make sure that the information on those documents aligns with the state where your husband resides, as they will post you accordingly.

As a married female prospective corps member (PCM), it is advisable to indicate your marriage status when filling out the online form and provide all the required documents for uploading. This will save you time, money, and the stress of going to the camp first and then having to go through the process of redeployment.

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Since the documents required for the online application are likely to be the same as what they will ask for at the camp, it would not be rational to choose the latter option.

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