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NYSC BVN Issue and How to Rectify It

2024 NYSC Mobilization: PCMs To Register With National Identification Numbers
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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is a rite of passage for Nigerian graduates, a year-long service that offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities.

However, before the adventure even begins, prospective corps members (PCMs) often face a common administrative hurdle: the Bank Verification Number (BVN) issue when they open new bank account for them in the orientation camp where they will be receiving their monthly allowances.

This blog post delves into the crux of the NYSC BVN issue and provides a step-by-step guide on how to rectify it, ensuring a smooth registration process for the NYSC orientation camp.

Understanding the NYSC BVN Issue

The BVN system was implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb financial fraud and ensure transparency. For PCMs, the name on their school documents must correspond with the name on their BVN for NYSC registration.

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Discrepancies can lead to complications during registration at the orientation camp, particularly when opening the mandatory NYSC allowance account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Rectifying BVN Issues

  • Register for BVN if you haven’t done so before heading to NYSC camp.
  • Ensure that the name on your BVN matches the name on your school or NYSC documents.
  • Save your BVN on your phone for reference in case you forget it.
  • Dial 565*0# on the phone linked to your bank account to retrieve your BVN (a small fee may apply).
  • If the name on your school/NYSC documents differs from your BVN, update your BVN information. For married women, there’s no need to change your BVN name to that of your husband; maintain your identity.
  • If you’re unsure about your BVN’s name, it is likely the same as your ‘bank account name,’ but you can visit your bank to confirm.
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If you happen to forget to address this issue before camp, don’t worry; it can still be resolved. You will open a new NYSC account in camp, and your allowance will be deposited there. However, you won’t be able to access the money until your BVN issue is resolved.

To rectify this, obtain an affidavit from a court stating your intention to adjust the name on your BVN, attach a valid form of identification, and submit it to the bank where you enrolled for BVN.

Importantly, this BVN issue won’t affect your monthly federal government allowance; you just won’t be able to access the money in the account until the BVN discrepancy is resolved. Share this information on social media to help others facing similar challenges.

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Why Is It Crucial to Resolve BVN Issues?

Resolving BVN discrepancies is vital for several reasons:

  • It ensures eligibility to open an NYSC allowance account at the camp.
  • It prevents delays in receiving monthly stipends due to mismatched information.
  • It aligns with the Nigerian government’s efforts to standardize citizens’ data.


The NYSC BVN issue, if not addressed, can be a stumbling block for many PCMs. By taking proactive measures to ensure consistency across all personal data platforms, you can avoid unnecessary stress and focus on the exciting journey ahead in the NYSC program. Remember, a smooth start is the first step towards a successful service year.

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