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How Much Does INEC Pay Corpers During Elections in Nigeria?

How much does inec pay nysc corps members
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In the vibrant democracy of Nigeria, the involvement of youth corpers in the electoral process is a testament to the country’s commitment to civic engagement and the development of its future leaders.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), responsible for organizing and overseeing elections in Nigeria, has been enlisting the services of members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to serve as ad-hoc staff during elections.

This collaboration not only provides a unique opportunity for the youth to contribute to the democratic process but also offers them a chance to earn an allowance for their service.

How Much Does INEC Pay Corpers For Governorship Election

For governorship elections, INEC has set a structured payment system for corpers, recognizing their crucial role in the smooth conduct of elections.

The total Election Duty Allowance for a corper is N17,500.00, which is distributed across four distinct components:

  1. Training Allowance (N4,500.00): This is allocated to corpers after they have successfully completed the mandatory training sessions and obtained the certification required for election duty. The training is designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for the tasks they will undertake on election day.
  2. Transport Allowance (N3,000.00): Recognizing the need for mobility, this allowance is provided to cover the transportation costs that corpers might incur while reporting to their assigned polling stations.
  3. Feeding Allowance (N1,000.00): Given the long hours involved in election duties, a feeding allowance is given to ensure that corpers are well-nourished and can maintain their energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Honorarium (N9,000.00): As a token of appreciation for their service, an honorarium is paid after the successful completion of the election duties. This serves as a reward for their commitment and hard work.

It is noteworthy that the allowances may vary from one state to another, reflecting the cost of living and logistical considerations in different regions.

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For example, in Akwa Ibom State, the allowance for corpers is set at N10,000.00, in addition to the training allowance of N4,500.00. Similarly, reports from Plateau State indicate that some corpers have received N17,500.00 in certain Local Government Areas.

How Much Does INEC Pay Corpers For Presidential Election

For presidential elections, INEC pays corp members participating as ad-hoc staff a total of N30,500.00. This amount encompasses training allowance, transport allowance, and refreshment allowance during the three-day training period. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Training Allowance: N4,500.00 covers transportation and refreshment expenses during the training, which takes place two weeks before the election.
  • Deployment Allowance: After training, corp members receive N13,000.00, which includes transport, feeding, and an honorarium of N9,000.00 and N4,000.00 for the election day.
  • For the presidential election, INEC pays a separate N17,500.00 to each member.
  • Some corpers receive as much as N50,000–N75,000 in some LGAs across the country.

In summary, the election payment for Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers is as follows:

  • Honoraria: N7,000.00
  • Feeding Allowance: N1,000.00 per day
  • Transport Allowance: N3,000.00
  • Total: N11,000.00

The honoraria is a lump sum payment that is made to election officers for their services on Election Day. The feeding allowance is a daily payment that is made to cover the cost of meals for election officers. The transport allowance is a payment that is made to cover the cost of transportation to and from the polling station.

The election payment is made to election officers who are deployed to polling stations on Election Day. The payment is made after the election has been completed and the results have been announced.

The training allowance for Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers is N3,000.00 per day. The feeding allowance is N1,500.00 per day. The total amount of the training payment is N4,500.00.

Here is a breakdown of the training payment for election officers:

  • Training Allowance: N3,000.00 per day
  • Feeding Allowance: N1,500.00 per day
  • Total: N4,500.00
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The training payment is made to election officers who attend the mandatory training sessions organized by INEC. The training sessions cover a variety of topics, including the electoral process, the use of voting machines, and security procedures.

The engagement of corpers in Nigeria’s elections is more than just a financial incentive; it is an investment in the nation’s youth. By participating in the electoral process, corpers gain firsthand experience in governance and civic responsibility.

They also play a pivotal role in promoting transparency and fairness, which are the cornerstones of any democratic society.

As Nigeria continues to evolve its electoral processes, the contribution of its youth through the NYSC scheme remains an integral part of this evolution.

The allowances paid to corpers not only support their personal expenses but also signify the nation’s acknowledgment of the value they bring to the democratic process.

The Involvement of NYSC Members in Nigeria’s Electoral Process

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members, commonly referred to as ‘corpers’, play a significant role in Nigeria’s electoral process.

Their involvement is a strategic decision by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to leverage the youthful energy, national spread, and neutrality of these young graduates in conducting free, fair, and credible elections.

Corpers are typically engaged as ad-hoc staff during elections, taking on various responsibilities that are crucial to the electoral process. Here are some of the key roles they fulfill:

  1. Voter Education: Before the elections, corpers are involved in sensitizing the electorate about the voting process, the importance of voting, and how to properly exercise their voting rights.
  2. Voter Registration: They assist in the registration of voters, ensuring that eligible citizens are enrolled in the voter’s register, which is a fundamental component of the electoral process.
  3. Election Day Duties: On the day of the election, corpers serve in different capacities at polling units. They may act as Presiding Officers (POs), Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs), or in other roles where they manage the polling units, oversee the voting process, ensure the proper use of the card reader, and tally the votes.
  4. Display of Voters Register: Corpers are also tasked with the display of the voters’ register for public scrutiny, which is a step towards transparency and accuracy in the electoral roll.
  5. Collation of Results: After the close of polls, corpers are involved in the collation of results, a critical phase where accuracy and integrity are paramount.
  6. Logistical Support: They provide logistical support, handling sensitive and non-sensitive materials, and ensuring they are delivered to the right locations promptly.
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The engagement of corpers in these roles is not without challenges, but it presents an invaluable learning experience, instilling in them a sense of national service and civic responsibility. Their contribution to the electoral process is a reflection of the trust placed in the youth to uphold democratic values and contribute to the nation’s development.

The partnership between INEC and NYSC has proven to be beneficial in enhancing the credibility of elections in Nigeria. It is a collaboration that not only supports the democratic process but also empowers the youth, who are the future leaders of the country, with practical experience in governance and public administration.

In conclusion, the collaboration between INEC and NYSC in engaging corpers for election duties is a commendable initiative that benefits both the electoral system and the youth of Nigeria. It is a partnership that fosters a sense of national pride and responsibility, while also providing a practical learning experience for the leaders of tomorrow. As Nigeria looks forward to future elections, the continued involvement of corpers will undoubtedly be a key factor in upholding the integrity and success of its democratic practices.

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