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How To Verify NYSC Certificate Number Online & Offline

NYSC Certificates Verification Guidelines [Online & Offline]
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After the one year compulsory service, corps members are issued the NYSC Discharge Certificate to show that they have duly served the country and are eligible for employment.

However, over the years, there have been reports of people obtaining fake NYSC certificates, which has led to us writing this article on how to identify a fake discharge certificate with NYSC certificate number.

What is NYSC Certificate Number?

The NYSC certificate number is a unique identification number written at the top right corner of the NYSC Discharge Certificate. Every NYSC discharge certificate is assigned a unique NYSC certificate number, it can be found just a little below the year of service. The NYSC Certificate number starts with A00, it is then followed by seven (7) digit numbers.

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The NYSC certificate number is different from the NYSC Call-up number, and it is should not be mistaken a NYSC discharge number.

How To Verify NYSC Certificate Number

Have you received your NYSC Discharge Certificate? It is is extremely important that you verify your NYSC certificate number and the verification can only be done by the NYSC officials.

There are two ways to verify NYSC certificate number, namely;

  1. Online Verification
  2. Offline Verification

How To Verify NYSC Certificate Number Online

Follow the procedures below to use the online verification method:

  1. Visit the NYSC verification portal via
  2. Click on the “Proceed to Verification” icon
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. For Existing Users, log in with your username and password
  5. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgotten password” link
  6. For New Users, click on the “Sign-up” link
  7. Click on “login” to verify
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Note: You will be required to pay the sum of Two Thousand Naira (N2000) to use this service/process.

How To Verify NYSC Certificate Number Offline

Follow the procedures below to use the offline verification method:

  1. Write a letter of request for verification of certificate number to NYSC.
  2. The letter should be addressed to the “Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Directorate Headquarters, Plot 416, Tigris Crescent, Maitama, Abuja.”
  3. Ensure that the request letter is marked “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)”
  4. A photocopy of the certificate you wish to verify should be attached along with the letter
  5. If you wish to verify multiple certificates, ensure that you number them serially with a pen, and attach the photocopies of the NYSC certificate to the letter.
  6. Submit your letter to the NYSC Director General’s Registry located at the 6 floor of the NYSC headquarters (Yakubu Gowon House)
  7. Ensure you include your contact details like contact address, email address, and telephone number on the letter.
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Note: The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) can only verify Discharge Certificate, Exemption Letter, and Exclusion Letter.

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