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Can I Get NYSC Certificate Without Serving?

How to Get NYSC Discharge Certificate
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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one-year service program for every Nigerian graduate both home-trained and foreign-trained. According to the Federal Government, Nigerian graduates who do not partake in the NYSC scheme will not eligible for employment in any government or private facility.

How to Get NYSC Certificate Without Serving

Here are the ways you can get the NYSC certificate without serving in Nigeria;

While it is possible to obtain the NYSC certificate without undergoing the mandatory service year in Nigeria, it is important to note that one must still register with the NYSC to be eligible for the certificate. There have been reports of Nigerians who claim to have completed the NYSC program without actually participating fully, but this is not a legal means of obtaining the certificate.

It is important to note that obtaining the NYSC certificate without completing the mandatory service year is illegal. To be eligible for the discharge certificate, one must complete the NYSC registration process on the official online portal.

It is possible to become eligible for employment without participating in the NYSC scheme by obtaining the NYSC certificate of exemption. This certificate exempts you from the mandatory one-year service program and makes you eligible for employment in both government and private organizations.

To be considered for employment in Nigeria, it is typically necessary to provide your NYSC discharge certificate, which is awarded upon completion of the mandatory service year. But if you are able to obtain the certificate of exemption from the NYSC, you can forego the need for a discharge certificate when applying for jobs.

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The NYSC certificate of exemption serves as a valid alternative to the NYSC discharge certificate and can make you eligible for employment without undergoing the NYSC scheme. If you wish to obtain the NYSC certificate of exemption and avoid the one-year service program, this post will provide you with the steps to do so.

What is the NYSC Certificate of Exemption?

The NYSC certificate of exemption or exemption letter is given to Nigerian graduates who are exempted from the compulsory national service. According to the law, every Nigerian graduate, whether trained at home or abroad, is required to participate in the NYSC scheme, which lasts for one year.

However, the said graduate has to meet certain requirements before they can be issued a certificate of exemption which allows them to skip the one-year NYSC service program without any penalty.

The NYSC certificate of exemption serves as evidence that a graduate was exempted from participating in the NYSC program due to certain limitations, and not because they absconded from it. It can be presented in place of the NYSC discharge certificate.

Who is Eligible for the NYSC Certificate of Exemption?

The NYSC certificate of exemption is only available to certain graduates who meet the requirements. According to section 2 subsection (1) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Degree 1993, Nigerian graduates who are eligible to apply for the NYSC exemption letter are those who, at the time of their graduation:

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1. The individual is over the age of thirty (30) years old.
2. The individual has completed over nine (9) months of service in any branch:

1. Nigerian Armed Forces (Nigerian Army
2. Nigerian Navy
3. Nigerian Air Force
4. Nigerian Police Force

3. The person is a member or employee of one of the following organizations:

  1. The Nigerian Security Organization
  2. National Intelligence Agency
  3. State Security Service
  4. Defence Intelligence Service

4. The person has received a National Honour award

How to Get the NYSC Exemption Letter

To obtain the NYSC Exemption Letter follow the instructions below:

Before you can be eligible to apply for the NYSC exemption letter (certificate of exclusion), you have to visit the nearest NYSC State Secretariat. Upon getting there, let the attendant know you want to apply for NYSC exemption letter. You will be given an application form to fill, and you must attach the required documents when submitting.

The required documents includes:

  • Completed application form
  • Documents showing academic qualifications
  • Approved result
  • Applicants identity document
  • Supporting documents (as instructed)
  • After submission of the application and the supporting documents, you will be required to make a payment as directed by the NYSC authorities.

After payment, your application will forwarded for verification and validation. Once the application is verified and approved, you will be notified once your Exemption letter is ready to be collected. However, you will be required to collect the certificate from your tertiary institution.

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How To Register For NYSC Exemption Letter Online

If you are a graduate of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), the process of obtaining the NYSC Certificate of Exemption is different. Below are the steps you need to follow:

Graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) are allowed to apply for the NYSC exemption. Follow the procedures below to print your NYSC exemption letter:

  • Visit the official NYSC registration portal via
  • Sign up with a functioning email address (if you are registering for the first time, click on ”Registration for Mobilization”).
  • Activation link with sent to your email to confirm the creation of account
  • Filling in your details in the fields provided.Click on the submit button
  • Proceed to capture your Biometric. (Note this should not be done by proxy).
  • Upload clean and clear-off white background passport photograph.
  • Preview your registration form to ensure the details are correct.
  • Agree with the registration terms and conditions.
  • Upload your scanned signature or sign using a digital signature scanner
  • Click on submit
  • Keep your login details for subsequent use.

You will be required to make payment for the procedure. Select your preferred method on the portal to continue.
Make the required payment to continue. The required payment is usually less than N30,000.
Now check your NYSC dashboard to see if your exemption letter has been made available for immediate printing. If not, you can check after a few days, then make the printout.

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