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Does NYSC Certificate Show Date of Birth?

How to Get NYSC Discharge Certificate
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The issue of dates of birth and NYSC service has raised several questions among prospective corps members.

Being over-age can be a problem if you’re called to serve in the NYSC. Moreover, having your date of birth wrongly entered can also cause concerns.

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Though, your fate is quite apparent if you’re over 30, as you’ll be exempted and issued an exemption certificate instead.

However, in some cases, having your date of birth wrongly entered might not hinder you from serving, especially if the total years are still below 30.


Regardless, no one would like to have their date of birth incorrectly displayed on their credentials, even if it doesn’t affect their service eligibility.

Additionally, there’s the possibility of the wrong date of birth appearing on the NYSC certificate itself.

The question at hand is whether the date of birth will be indicated on the NYSC certificate, including the discharge certificate, exemption certificate, or exclusion letter.


NYSC Certificate Now Bears Copers’ Dates of Birth

In the past, before 2020, NYSC discharge certificates did not bear any dates of birth or ages of the corps members.


However, starting from 2020, the certificate now clearly shows the date of birth of the discharged corps members.

If you have access to any of the most recent NYSC certificates, you’ll notice the dates of birth appearing right below the passport photographs of the discharged corps members.


According to NYSC, including the corps members’ dates of birth on their discharge certificates is a step towards curbing age falsification.

This approach is similar to the WAEC certificate and the NYSC Exemption Certificate. The NYSC also plans to advocate for other examination bodies to adopt the same approach.

NYSC Exemption Certificates and Exclusion Letters Will Bear Date of Birth

Similarly, the NYSC exemption certificate and exclusion letter will also bear the dates of birth of the recipients.


So, regardless of whether you serve or are exempted or excluded, you can expect your dates of birth to appear on your discharge certificate, exemption certificate, and exclusion letter respectively.

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You might be worried about your NYSC discharge certificate showing your date of birth, especially for job purposes or future academic pursuits.

If the date of birth on the certificate differs from that on your other official documents like the birth certificate, age declaration, NECO or WAEC results, it could lead to confusion.


If you have the chance to correct your date of birth through the prescribed method by NYSC, you should take advantage of it.

Using the WAEC verification PIN method, you can replace the date of birth on your NYSC certificate with the one on your WAEC certificate, which is meant to appear on the discharge certificate.

However, if correcting the date of birth won’t be possible, there’s no need to panic. You should understand the following:

  1. The NYSC certificate is not superior to your birth certificate or age declaration certificate if any organization needs to confirm your date of birth or age.
  2. The date of birth on the NYSC certificate may differ from that on your JAMB or JAMB regularization, which can be incorrect compared to the one on your WAEC or NECO result.
  3. You can use or attach court affidavits with the concerned documents to clarify any discrepancies if you need to convince an organization that it’s due to JAMB and NYSC errors.
  4. If the discrepancy is limited to the day or month, it may not significantly impact any decision-making compared to when it affects the year of birth, especially if it’s a considerable margin.
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In conclusion, the NYSC certificate does show the date of birth of the corps members, and it is important to ensure accuracy during the registration process to avoid any future complications.

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