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After JAMB Regularization, What Next?

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JAMB regularization might seem complicated, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’ll guide you on what to do after completing your JAMB regularization at the CBT center or JAMB office.

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1. Collect Your Indemnity Form

Once you’ve successfully completed your JAMB regularization, you’ll be given an indemnity form or slip.

This document acknowledges your online application and submission.


Make sure to collect it right after the application process. In case you lose it or don’t receive it, you can log in to your JAMB/regularization portal to reprint the slip yourself.

2. Submit the Indemnity Form to the School’s Admission Office

Next, you’ll need to take the indemnity form to the assigned office at your former school.

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The designated offices for signing the indemnity forms may vary depending on the school.


It could be the office of the registrar, HOD, dean of the faculty, principal (for schools of Nursing), provost (for colleges of education), rector (for polytechnics), or vice-chancellor (for universities).

The officer in charge will sign and forward the slip to the nearest JAMB office and then to the headquarters in Abuja.

Remember, you’re not allowed to submit the indemnity form to the JAMB offices yourself; it has to be forwarded by the school.


3. Await Approval and Check Regularly

Once the indemnity form reaches the JAMB office and is in order, they will sign and approve it, allowing you to continue with whatever reason you applied for the regularization.

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You will be contacted through the email provided during the JAMB regularization application, congratulating you on the approval and instructing you to print the JAMB admission letter.

However, if you don’t receive the approval notice via email, you can regularly check the approval status on your JAMB portal.


Scroll to “My indemnity form” and click on it to check the status. If approved, you should see it in this section of your JAMB portal.

4. Print the JAMB Admission Letter

Printing the JAMB admission letter is crucial as it reflects your data under the JAMB matriculation list.

It serves as proof of your successful application for regularization.


After printing the letter, you can proceed with whatever reason led you to initiate the regularization process.

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It could be for NYSC registration, having your admission letter at hand, or registering for the JAMB direct entry form.


Now you know what to do after completing your JAMB regularization.


Just follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to the next phase of your academic journey.

Good luck!


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