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How TO Write JAMB Exam at Home

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) stands as the authoritative body in Nigeria responsible for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), an essential assessment for gaining entry into Nigerian universities and tertiary institutions. Amid circulating rumors regarding the plausibility of sitting for the JAMB exam from the comfort of home, we’re here to clarify the truth behind this notion.

Can I Take JAMB Exam From Home for UTME

The JAMB exam is administered in specific authorized examination centers nationwide. These centers are well-equipped with essential amenities such as computer systems, reliable internet access, and backup power supply. During registration, candidates are required to select their preferred examination centers. Subsequently, they are assigned to a specific center based on their choice and the availability of space.

Can I write JAMB at home?

In simple terms: No. You cannot write JAMB exam from home because currently, there’s no provision within JAMB that allows candidates to take the UTME from their homes. The exam is exclusively conducted in designated centers across the country. It is mandatory for candidates to physically appear at their allocated examination centers to undertake the test.

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Why You Can’t Write JAMB Exam at Home

The decision to restrict the JAMB exam to designated centers is primarily to uphold the integrity of the examination and curb malpractice. Permitting candidates to take the test at home would pose significant challenges in monitoring their activities, making it harder to prevent any form of examination malpractice.

JAMB has implemented various measures, such as biometric verification and CCTV surveillance, to prevent malpractice and ensure the sanctity of the exam process. These measures would be virtually impossible to enforce if candidates were allowed to take the exam remotely.

What are the Consequences of Attempting to Take JAMB at Home

Attempting to take the JAMB exam at home is illegal and has grave consequences. It constitutes an act of examination malpractice, a criminal offense punishable by law.

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Aside from the legal implications, individuals attempting to take the JAMB exam at home risk having their results nullified and facing bans from future UTME participation. JAMB maintains a strict policy against any form of malpractice and imposes severe penalties on those found guilty.

Alternatives to Taking JAMB at Home

If candidates are unable to reach their designated examination centers, JAMB provides alternative options:

  1. Utilizing CBT Centers: JAMB has designated various Computer-Based Test (CBT) centers across Nigeria for the convenience of candidates. Individuals with distant or inconveniently located assigned centers can request a change to a more accessible CBT center.
  2. Exam Rescheduling: In cases where candidates cannot sit for the UTME on the scheduled date, they can request a rescheduling of the exam to a more convenient date. However, this request must be made at least 72 hours before the original examination date.
  3. Special Needs Accommodation: Candidates with disabilities or special requirements can request special accommodations from JAMB. Evaluations are conducted to make appropriate arrangements for these candidates to undertake the UTME under favorable conditions.
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These alternatives provide viable solutions for candidates who face challenges in attending their designated centers, ensuring that they can take the UTME without compromising on the examination’s integrity.

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