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NYSC Foreign Graduates: Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Evaluated and What to Do

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For foreign graduates who are ready  to serve their fatherland through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the online registration process is a distinctive journey.

NYSC online evaluation is an important step that follows registration, to ensure the authenticity of the information provided.

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This blog post aims to shed light on the reasons why some foreign graduates may find themselves not yet evaluated and provides actionable steps to rectify the situation.

Documents to Upload During Online Registration for Foreign Graduates

Before we look at the reasons for delayed evaluation, let’s reiterate the essential documents that foreign graduates must upload during the online registration process:

  1. Visa showing date of departure from Nigeria.
  2. Visa showing date of arrival in Nigeria.
  3. Student Visa/Residence Permit.
  4. Original O-Level Certificate (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or equivalent).
  5. International Passport Data Page.
  6. First University Degree or HND Certificate.
  7. Complete transcript of the Degree or HND program.
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All documents must be uploaded in color to accurately represent the originals. Certificates not in English must be translated at the Embassy of the country of study or a Nigerian University proficient in the language before presentation to the NYSC.

Reasons for Delayed Evaluation

  1. Uploading Fake Documents:
    • NYSC officials conduct thorough evaluations to confirm the legitimacy of foreign graduates. Uploading fake documents will lead to a delay in the evaluation process.
  2. Black and White or Photocopies:
    • Original, colored copies of documents must be uploaded. Black and white or photocopies are not acceptable.
  3. Mutilation on Uploaded Documents:
    • Any form of mutilation on the uploaded document may lead to delayed evaluation.
  4. Inconsistency in Details:
    • Discrepancies in names, age, or other details on uploaded documents can cause delays. Ensure that all details correspond accurately.
  5. Incomplete Document Upload:
    • Failure to upload all required documents completely will result in delayed evaluation.
  6. Mismatched Documents:
    • Uploading a document that does not correspond to the required category or section can lead to delays.
  7. Age Manipulation:
    • Falsifying age to meet service eligibility requirements will hinder the evaluation process.
  8. Unclear or Indecipherable Documents:
    • Uploaded documents must be clear and easily interpreted. Unclear or indecipherable documents will cause delays.
  9. Non-English Documents:
    • Documents written in languages other than English must be translated before uploading.
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What to Do if Not Yet Evaluated

If a foreign graduate finds themselves not yet evaluated after online registration, several actions can rectify the situation:

  1. Upload Original Documents:
    • Ensure that only original documents are uploaded online.
  2. Upload Colored Copies:
    • All uploaded copies of documents must be in color.
  3. Ensure Document Clarity:
    • Confirm that the documents uploaded are clear and easily readable.
  4. Interpret Non-English Documents:
    • Translate documents not in English before uploading.
  5. Consistency in Details:
    • Verify that all details on the uploaded documents match accurately.
  6. Correct Mismatched Documents:
    • If a document is uploaded incorrectly, replace it with the correct one.

By adhering to these guidelines and rectifying any discrepancies in the uploaded documents, foreign graduates can facilitate a smoother and timely NYSC evaluation process.

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This ensures that they can join the desired NYSC batch and embark on their service year without unnecessary delays.

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