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NYSC Orientation Camp (All You Need To Know)

What You Need To Know About NYSC Orientation Camp
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Are you a newly mobilized National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member and you are ready to serve your father’s land? In this post, you will learn everything about NYSC orientation camp. Every corpers will be made to go through a four-section experience during their National Youth Service Year.

The NYSC Orientation camp experience comes first. According to some people, the NYSC Orientation Camp is the most stressful, but fun-filled experience they had during their service year. So here are the things you should know about NYSC Orientation Camp:

When prospective corps members have completed their NYSC registration, received their call-up letter, and they’ve known the date and orientation camp they are expected to report in, they are given three to four days from commencement of the orientation camp to report in camp and get registered for the camping activities. Hence, anyone who failed to report at the orientation camp within the given period will remain “prospective corps member” till the next stream or batch is mobilized. So it is important to arrive the camp early so as to complete every necessary registrations on time.

Everything You Need To Know About NYSC Orientation Camp

For prospective corpers who have successfully completed the thier registration, the NYSC authorities must have put in place the necessary arrangements ahead of the corps members’ arrival at the orientation camp. Every corps members will go through various stages of registration and during NYSC officials are there to guide and direct you on anything that may confuse you. They are there to answer your questions if you have anything to ask.

The necessary arrangements for a successful registration and camp experience must have been put in place by the NYSC authorities before the arrival of the corps members. Different registration points are organize to take you through the various stages of registration and during which corps members are expected to corporate with the registration officials and to be patient with the process. The NYSC officials are there to guide and direct you on anything you may not understand and to train you. So, whenever you are confused about anything, feel free to ask them any question.

Consider the camp as a small town as all the facilities you will need during your three weeks stay there will made be made available for you. You can check the mini mart when you need to buy anything, if you don’t feel like eating the food prepared, you can always go buy any food of your choice at the cafeteria, the clinic is also there for you if you are feeling unwell. Accommodations, bed, food, water and kits will be provided by the NYSC authorities.

Requirements For NYSC Orientation Camp

When doing registration, you will requested to provide the following documents:

  1. Your call-up letter (it must be printed in colour)
  2. Your school ID card
  3. Original certificates/statement of result
  4. Medical fitness test result
  5. Passports photographs (about 15 copies is advised)
  6. White shorts
  7. White Tshirts
  8. White canvass
  9. Waist pouch
  10. Food flask and cutlery sets
  11. Bucket
  12. Torch light
  13. Nice clothes for Sunday service
  14. Nice clothes for carnival (preferably jeans)
  15. Bed spread
  16. Mosquito net

Note that for the documents in which photocopy will be needed, make as many copies as possible else prepare to pay higher to run the photocopy in the camp.

When you are through with the screening, you will be given the following:

  1. State code number (just for you and not to be shared)
  2. A meal ticket (or meal card)
  3. A file in which you can put all your credentials
  4. Registration of your name in what is referred to as the “Book Of Life”

You will be supervised by the NYSC officials when filling the forms. Make sure you read the instructions on every form, handout or booklet before filling them. It is advisable to fill the forms in capital letters for legibility purpose and make sure the information you fill in are correct. All addresses provided must contain the house number, name of street, town name and possibly the post office number. Also try and display some level of maturity and self-component by waiting for your turn to get anything. What I’m saying in essence is queue up, please don’t scramble for anything.

What You Need To Know About NYSC Orientation Camp


Every corps members will be given a bedspace and mattress once they are through with their registration. No one will have access to two mattress or transfer his/her own bed to another room neither use up to two bedspaces. Everywhere should be kept as clean as possible, the rooms and rest rooms (toilet).

Meal tickets

You will be given your meal tickets once you are through with the registration and passed the screening. Take good care of the ticket as it will give you access to feeding within and outside the orientation camp. Keep the ticket safe as it is not transferable or replaceable if you misplaced it.

Orientation Broadcasting Services (OBS)

This is a system designed to pass information throughout the camp. It enhances quick and easy flow of information and it is managed by the public relations committee. Corpers who have experience in engineering and broadcasting can join the OBS committee.

Lectures/Language Studies

The objective of the lectures on the camp are to equip corpers with adequate knowledge needed for the mission ahead, hence, it is mandatory to attend. The lectures includes but not limited to the following:

  • Custom and tradition of the land (Language studies are organized to equip corps members with the basics of the language of the host state to enhance their communication with the residents of the state)
  • Security lectures,
  • CDS lectures
  • Entrepreneurship

Do not miss any part of these lectures.

Religious Activities at Orientation Camps

Religious activities on the camp are carried out according to the guidelines contained in the constitution. Therefore, based on that, the NYSC recognizes Friday’s for Muslims and Sundays for Christians and nothing more.

There are basically 3 fellowships in the orientation camp which includes;

  1. Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF)
  2. National Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC)
  3. Muslim Corpers Association.


Safety is a priority, hence the existence of the military on camp. Therefore, every corps member is expected to adhere to the rules. Any corps member caught in the act of breaking the rules will be subjected to punishment which will be decided by the Orientation Camp Court. Nothing should be done without any given permission by the appropriate authorities. Also, everyone is expected to be security conscious and report any doubtful act or movement to the police or any official on camp.

NOTE: During the orientation camp, you are not allowed to go outside the camp except on permission which must be for health reasons or when preparing for the carnival. When preparing for the carnival, about 2 people from each platoon are permitted to go outside in order to purchase some important items which will be needed.

Medical Services

All medical cases are being handled by the camp clinic which runs for 24 hours during the orientation exercise and all treatment are administered for free. The clinic is managed by professional medical

Accounts Department/Corps Allowances

The account department takes care of coppers allowances. Allowances given on camp include:

  1. Transport allowance (this is paid on arrival at the camp)
  2. Local transport also known as bicycle allowance
  3. Monthly allowance: this is the last allowance given to corps members at the end of their orientation course.

Corps members continue to receive monthly receive their monthly allowance after the orientation camp, but this is granted to them after they have been duly cleared by their employer at the end of every month and issued a clearance. Any corps member who is not cleared will have to forfeit his allowance for that month.

Kitting/Mode of Dressing of the NYSC Orientation Camp

The public relations officer issues every corps members on completion of their registration at arrival at camp with the NYSC identity card. This card is legal and not transferable. The NYSC Store Officer also gives the NYSC kit items to corps members. The kit items are to be worn only by registered corps members and these items are:

  • Plain vests
  • 1 Youth Corps cap
  • 1 Khaki shirt and a trouser
  • 1 Youth Corps belt
  • 1 pair of jungle boots
  • 2 P.E. shorts
  • 1 vest with NYSC emblem
  • 1 pair of white canvas shoes
  • 2 pairs of stockings

Once the kit is given, all mode of dressing should be done accordingly for easy identification of corps members and outsiders for security purpose.

NYSC Orientation Camp 2023 [All You Need To Know]

Camp activities

Camp activities are carried out with discipline to time and rules and every corps member is expected to comply for a smooth and successful orientation camp experience. Some of the activities are:

  • Military parade/drills
  • Man O War activities
  • Lectures
  • Social activities
  • Endurance trek

As earlier said, the orientation camp operates with a lot of rules of which some are:

  • Cultism is a taboo on camp. It is highly prohibited
  • Drug addiction has no place at the camp
  • Stealing is an abomination on camp. Do not attempt it.
  • Rioting/demonstration and the likes are not part of paramilitary
  • Group meetings are not allowed on camp
  • Rape is a serious crime against humanity
  • Fighting on camp attracts severe penalty
  • Taking double ration of food makes one liable for surcharge
  • Flippancy and unguarded utterances attract severe punishment
  • Ensure that you participate in all camp activities
  • Avoid rumour mongering, always seek information at the appropriate quarters.
  • Be prudent in spending. Remember you will settle down for your primary assignment.
  • Smoking/chewing of gum are not allowed on parade
  • Always observe the lights-out instruction
  • Discipline is the watchword in NYSC

All activities on the camping program are designed for your own good; so comply.

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