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How To Get Posted To Abuja For NYSC

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If you do not get posted to your preferred state upon registering for NYSC, you can apply for relocation if you cannot serve in the state you are posted to due to reasons like marriage or health issues. However, some individuals exploit this opportunity to get posted to a desired state.

States such as Lagos and Abuja are highly sought after and as such, are very competitive. This is because people desire to be in places with more opportunities.

Serving in places like Lagos or Abuja can be challenging to secure. While some people may get posted there through luck, others may need to pay their way through.

How To Get Posted To Abuja For NYSC

It’s easy to see why someone would desire to be posted to Abuja, given its charming cityscape and diverse attractions, such as magnificent architectural sites and vibrant nightlife. However, the competition to be deployed to Abuja is fierce, making it exceedingly difficult.

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Nonetheless, serving in Abuja can be achieved through sheer luck or by having a connection within the NYSC system. The majority of corpers in Abuja either have a link to someone in the NYSC or were fortunate enough to be selected. Having a contact within the NYSC gives an added advantage to anyone seeking to be posted to Abuja.

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How To Get A Good PPA In Abuja

Assuming you get deployed to Abuja for your NYSC, the challenge now is to secure a good Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). PPAs could be any organization or company where you will be working for the entire service year. It’s common for most corps members to get posted to schools, but if you don’t fancy teaching, you may prefer a proper company as your PPA.


To secure a good PPA, you can get a letter of approval from the establishment you desire to work in, depending on the course you studied. With such a letter of approval, you can increase your chances of getting posted there. Additionally, some companies put out job positions specifically for corps members; you can look out for such opportunities.

However, it’s essential to note that many government agencies and ministries in Abuja are notorious for rejecting corps members. Therefore, if you have your sights set on any of these agencies, you would need to have a connection to stand a chance. If not, you may have to accept your fate and make do with wherever you get posted to.

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In conclusion, it is not impossible to get posted to Abuja for your service year, although it is highly competitive. Having connections can increase your chances of getting there. Otherwise, it may come down to luck. For more information about NYSC, continue following

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