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What Next After NYSC Relocation?

How to print nysc relocation letter nysc relocation letter on health ground
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After relocation in NYSC, what next? Many NYSC corps members who have been posted to states they did not like may be interested in NYSC relocation.

In this article, we will provide credible answers to questions regarding the process of NYSC relocation and redeployment. It is the desire of every graduate entering the compulsory NYSC service year to be posted in their preferred state.

However, in some cases, they may be posted to a state that is not their choice. If this happens, they can apply to NYSC for a change of state through a process called NYSC Redeployment or Relocation. NYSC allows for relocation, and change of state or redeployment based on marital purpose or health concerns is possible and allowed.

Reasons For Relocation/Redeployment

There are various reasons why a corps member may want to apply for relocation/redeployment. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Insecurity in the state of deployment
  • High cost of living in the state
  • Married couples may wish to relocate to be together
  • Availability of job opportunities in another state
  • Health challenges that may require medical attention in another state
  • Age and other personal factors that may make it difficult to serve in the state of deployment.

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation

Although every corps members have the right to apply for a relocation or redeployment, but before doing that, NYSC expects you to have a genuine reason for considering relocating from your current state of deployment.

It is normal to want to change your State of Deployment or Primary Place of Assignment PPA when you see your NYSC Call-up letter because the state of deployment may not be favorable or as expected.

Read the full article on How To Apply For NYSC Relocation/Redeployment And Get Approved

After NYSC Relocation, What Next?

Once you have been assigned a new PPA, you will need to report to your new PPA and begin your service year. You will also need to inform your new Local Government Inspector (LGI) of your relocation and provide them with all necessary documents.

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It is important to note that your relocation does not affect your service year duration, you will still be required to complete the mandatory 12 months of service. You will also be required to participate in all NYSC activities in your new state, including the Community Development Service (CDS) and any other programs organized by the NYSC.

In summary, after NYSC relocation, you will need to:

  • Travel to your new state and report to the NYSC secretariat
  • Submit your letter of relocation to the NYSC secretariat
  • Obtain a new PPA in your new state
  • Inform your new LGI of your relocation and provide necessary documents
  • Participate in all NYSC activities in your new state
  • Complete your mandatory 12 months of service.

Advantages/Benefits of NYSC Relocation:

Here are some potential advantages of NYSC relocation:

  • Increased monthly allowance
  • Increased chances of securing employment
  • Better quality of life
  • Addressing medical issues
  • Reunification of married couples and families
  • Improved security in the new location

Disadvantages of NYSC Relocation:

As attractive as it may seem, NYSC redeployment also has its downsides. Some of them are:

  • High cost of transportation and associated stress
  • Risk of accidents during travel
  • Potential issues with monthly allowance payments
  • Possible loss of the opportunity to fully experience and benefit from the 1-year service program
  • Possibility of being posted to an unfavorable environment.

However, the scheme has faced various challenges over the years, which have called for the need to reform and enhance the NYSC experience. In this blog post, we will explore ways to improve the NYSC scheme in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions About NYSC Relocation

Below are common NYSC relocation questions answered.

How Long Does NYSC Online Relocation Take?

NYSC relocation can be done through an online process. After the initial relocation from camp, all subsequent relocations can only be done three months after the camp orientation exercise. The applicant must submit an application to the respective state coordinators for approval.

How Will I Check If My Relocation Is Approved?

To verify if your NYSC relocation request has been approved, you can visit the official NYSC portal and log in to your account. From your dashboard, you can check regularly for updates on the status of your application.

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Can I Cancel NYSC Relocation After Approval?

If you have had a change of mind after applying for NYSC relocation and have already received approval, you can still cancel the relocation.

To do this,

  1. You will need to go to the NYSC secretariat of the state you have been relocated to,
  2. Give them reasons for your decision to cancel;
  3. You will then be required to write a letter with the title “Cancellation of Relocation Application to (Name of the State)”.

After a few days, you will be informed by the state that your relocation has been cancelled. You can then return to the first state you were posted to. It is important to note that the processes of relocation application and cancellation must be completed within three months. Additionally, relocated corps members must report to the new state within 21 days of the approval.

NYSC Relocation After 3 months

If you miss the opportunity to apply for NYSC relocation during the 21-day orientation camp period, you can still apply 3 months into your service year. However, you must provide valid reasons for the late application, such as health issues, security concerns, or marriage. To apply, you need to visit the NYSC Local Government Inspector (LGI) or the state secretariat where you are serving and submit a letter stating your reasons for relocation.

I Applied For NYSC Relocation And My State Code Changed

After the NYSC relocation process, it is common for your state code to change. When this happens, it is important to go to the NYSC secretariat in the new state where you have been relocated and inform them of the change. They will then take the necessary steps to update your records with the new state code.

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I Applied For NYSC Redeployment But Was Given A Different State

If a corps member is approved for NYSC relocation to a different state but is posted to a different state than the one applied for, they should report to the NYSC secretariat in the new state they were posted to as soon as possible. This is important to avoid complications in their service year and to ensure that they are properly registered and assigned to a primary place of assignment in the new state.

NYSC Relocation And Monthly Allowance

I have successfully relocated to a new state but how can I receive my monthly allowance?

After relocation, you will need to open a new bank account for your monthly NYSC allowance in the new state you have been relocated to. You can do this by visiting the NYSC secretariat in your new state and they will guide you on the process of opening a new bank account and getting your allowance paid into it.

Can I Apply For Redeployment Twice?

It is possible to apply for NYSC relocation twice, but it is important to note that you must have a valid and credible reason for your relocation. The NYSC management will consider your reasons before approving your application. It is also important to note that the relocation process should be completed within the first three months of the service year.

Are Saturdays & Sundays Included As Part of 21 Days Countdown for Redeployment

No, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in the 21-day countdown to report to your new state of relocation. Only working days are counted in the 21-day deadline.

I hope this article has answered your question as regards what to do next after a successful NYSC redeployment and other related questions.

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