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Can You Attend NYSC After Schooling Abroad?

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If you are a Nigerian citizen who has completed your tertiary education abroad, you might be wondering if you can still participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

The answer is yes, you can. In fact, it is mandatory for you to do so if you want to work in Nigeria or enjoy some of the benefits of being a Nigerian graduate.

The NYSC is a one-year program that aims to foster national unity, patriotism and skills development among Nigerian graduates. It involves three phases: orientation, primary assignment and passing out.

During the orientation phase, you will undergo a three-week training camp where you will learn about the history, culture and values of Nigeria, as well as some basic military drills and survival skills. You will also be posted to a state different from your state of origin or residence, where you will serve for the rest of the year.

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During the primary assignment phase, you will work in a public or private sector organization that is relevant to your field of study or interest. You will also engage in community development projects and other social activities with your fellow corps members. You will receive a monthly allowance from the government and your employer, as well as some other benefits such as accommodation, transportation and health care.

During the passing out phase, you will receive a certificate of national service, which is a proof of your completion of the program and your eligibility for employment in Nigeria. You will also have the opportunity to network with other graduates and potential employers, as well as celebrate your achievements with your friends and family.

How to Register for NYSC After Schooling Abroad

To enroll in the NYSC program as a foreign-trained graduate, you will need to follow some steps and meet some requirements. These include:

  • Obtaining your academic transcripts and certificates from your foreign institution and getting them verified by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Nigerian Embassy in your country of study.
  • Registering online on the NYSC portal ( and uploading your documents, passport photograph and biometric data.
  • Paying a registration fee of N3,000 through the Remita platform (
  • Printing your call-up letter and reporting to the NYSC camp on the specified date.
  • Completing the orientation course and receiving your posting letter.
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Requirements for NYSC

You should note that there are some exemptions and exclusions from the NYSC program. These include:

  • If you are above 30 years old at the time of graduation.
  • If you have served in the Nigerian Armed Forces or Police for at least nine months.
  • If you have been conferred with a national honour by the President of Nigeria.
  • If you hold a first degree from a Nigerian university and a higher degree from a foreign university.
  • If you suffer from any physical or mental disability that makes you unfit for service.

If you fall into any of these categories, you can apply for an exemption or exclusion certificate from the NYSC Directorate Headquarters in Abuja.

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The NYSC program is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the development of Nigeria, learn new skills and experiences, and make new friends. It is also a requirement for you to work or further your education in Nigeria.

Therefore, if you are a foreign-trained graduate who wants to serve your fatherland, you should not hesitate to register for the NYSC program and enjoy its benefits.

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