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Can I Print NYSC Green Card and NYSC Call Up Letter at the Same Time?

Difference Between NYSC Green Card and Call Up Letter
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Are you wondering about printing your NYSC green card and call-up letter?

After completing their NYSC registrations, many prospective corps members are left wondering what to do next.

Some might ask if they should print anything immediately, while others might inquire about printing both the green card and call-up letter together.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

Can You Print NYSC Green Card and Call Up Letter Together?

Recently, I had a client who finished her registration and received her green card. However, a friend told her that she should have printed both the call-up letter and the green card together.

She reached out to me to confirm if it’s necessary to print both documents right after completing the online registration.

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Here’s the real scoop:

How Long Does It Take To Print NYSC Green Card

Under normal circumstances, if the server isn’t too congested, you can wait for your NYSC green card to be available for printing if you make payment for the call-up letter almost immediately after completing your registration.

There’s a misconception that unless you pay for the call-up letter, NYSC won’t load your green card. In reality, the payment for the call-up letter covers the green card as well.

So, if you make the payment just before or after filling out the form, you should be able to print the green card within a few hours.

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How Long Does it Take to Get NYSC Call Up Letter?

In the past, NYSC attempted to load call-up letters and green cards simultaneously, but it resulted in errors like wrong postings and foreign states appearing on letters.

Consequently, they now wait until a few days before the camp opens to load NYSC call-up letters for printing. This usually occurs around 5 to 4 days before your batch/stream’s camp starts. The camp opening date is often indicated in the timetable.

Let’s say you didn’t make the payment immediately after registration and prefer paying later. That’s okay! You can pay when call-up letters are being loaded.

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Once you make the payment, both the green card (which was pending due to delayed payment) and the call-up letter will be available for printing on the same day.


Remember, if you thought that a café should print both the green card and call-up letter after submission, that’s not accurate.

Cyber Cafés are only responsible for printing the green card if you made the payment right after registration. You can print your call-up letter later at any café or location when the time is right.

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