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Cheapest Countries To Study For Nigerian Students

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Embarking on an international educational journey is a dream for many Nigerian students. It not only promises a broader perspective but also enhances employability with an international degree.

However, the road to studying abroad can be lined with financial hurdles, particularly for Nigerian students.

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The exchange rate between the Naira and the Dollar adds an extra layer of complexity, making some countries seem prohibitively expensive. But fear not, for there are affordable options.

Top 10 Cheapest Country To Study For Nigerian Students

In this blog post, we’ll unveil the top 10 cheapest countries for Nigerian students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.


1. Germany

Germany shines as a beacon of affordability. Imagine pursuing your dream course in a country where tuition for PhD and undergraduate levels is entirely free.

Yes, you read that right! Boasting a robust economy and world-class education, Germany welcomes international students with open arms.

From the historic University of Munich to the prestigious University of Bonn, Germany offers top-notch education without the hefty price tag.


2. Hungary

Hungary offers a delightful fusion of low university tuition and affordable living. While it may not provide free tuition, the cost of living is so reasonable that it offsets the minor fees for education.

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Paying just over $1,000 in tuition annually while living in an economical destination can result in significant savings in the long run.

3. Norway

Norway stands as an oasis of affordability for students, regardless of their citizenship. It’s an ideal choice for those on a tight budget.


The educational landscape here is renowned for its quality, and students typically only need to cover essential expenses such as housing and transportation. Plus, financial aid opportunities abound.

4. Austria

Austria hosts some of the most budget-friendly universities for international students. While EU citizens enjoy free education, other international students pay a modest fee, typically under $1,000 per year.

This translates to significant savings compared to the costs of American universities.


5. Finland

Finland has been recognized as one of the cheapest and most comfortable countries for international students.

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Its reasonable living costs, coupled with opportunities for part-time work, make it a welcoming destination for Nigerian students.

6. Malaysia

Malaysia opens its doors to students regardless of their financial circumstances. This budget-friendly destination ensures that studying there doesn’t drain your wallet.


For Nigerian students seeking affordability without compromising on quality, Malaysia is a dream come true.

7. Mexico

Mexico has been a well-kept secret among Nigerian students. Not only does it offer reasonable tuition fees, but the cost of living is also remarkably low.

With some of the cheapest universities for international students, Mexico is a budget-friendly choice.


8. France

France may surprise you with its affordable education options. While international students do have to pay a modest administrative fee of $250 per year, the overall cost of studying in France is manageable.

The country also permits students to work part-time, providing an opportunity to earn while studying.

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9. Italy

Italy, known for its rich culture and history, also offers budget-friendly education. While private universities can be expensive, state universities are economical, with fees ranging from $800 to $1,000 per year.


With the possibility of part-time work, you can supplement your income as an international student.

10. Taiwan

If exploring Asia has been on your bucket list, Taiwan offers an excellent starting point. It features a plethora of English-language courses and maintains an affordable tuition rate.

For students on a budget, Taiwan combines quality education with an affordable cost of living.



In conclusion, studying abroad as a Nigerian student doesn’t have to be an exorbitant endeavor.

These 10 countries provide not only quality education but also affordability, ensuring that your dream of an international degree doesn’t remain a dream.

So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a budget-friendly educational adventure that will broaden your horizons and shape your future.


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