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Why O’Level Subjects Repeated Twice on JAMB Portal

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Have you logged in to your JAMB portal and seen some of your O’level subjects repeated twice? Don’t panic! This is a relatively common occurrence that arises from technical glitches on the JAMB portal.

While it may appear alarming, it’s important to remember that this will not affect your admission process in any way. Here’s what you need to know about this issue:

Causes of Repeated O’level Subjects:

  • Technical Errors: This is the most likely cause. The JAMB portal sometimes experiences glitches that lead to temporary data duplication.
  • Multiple Uploads: If you uploaded your O’level results multiple times, especially during different registration periods, the system might show duplicate entries.
  • Incomplete Result Upload: Sometimes, incomplete uploads or merging of results from different examinations can lead to repeated subjects.
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Will it Affect Your Admission Process?

In most cases, there’s no need to be worried about repeated O’level subjects. It’s purely a technical issue and does not affect your admission chances. However, there are some situations where you might need to take action:

  • Incorrect Subjects: If the repeated entries are incorrect, you should contact JAMB for correction.
  • Multiple Grade Entries: If the same subject appears twice with different grades, you should contact JAMB to clarify which one is valid.
  • Missing Subjects: If a subject you took is missing or appears only once instead of twice, you should contact JAMB to update your records.
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What You Can Do

  • Monitor Your Portal: Regularly check your JAMB portal to ensure the issue is resolved.
  • Contact JAMB: If the duplicate entries persist, contact JAMB through their website, email, or social media channels. Explain the issue clearly and provide your JAMB registration number.
  • Be Patient: JAMB might take some time to resolve the issue, so be patient and wait for their response.
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