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What To Do Once You Get Your NYSC Call Up Letter

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The moment every Nigerian graduate looks forward to is the day they receive their NYSC Call-Up letter. It’s the ticket to a one-year adventure, and it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking.

While the official release date of the Call-Up letter is not yet confirmed, there are some hints and tips you can follow to be prepared.

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In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of what to do once you receive your Call-Up letter, providing valuable insights based on past experiences.

The first step in preparing for your NYSC adventure is to estimate when your Call-Up letter will be released. Usually, the letter is available 2 to 4 days before the Orientation camp date. While the camp date has not been officially announced, you can make an educated guess based on previous batches.


The Call-Up letters often come out on a Sunday or the first Monday before the camp date. Keep an eye on the NYSC Updates for updates and announcements about a possible Webinar meeting before printing.

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How to Prepare for the NYSC Camp

Once you receive your Call-Up letter, it’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming adventure. Here’s a checklist to ensure you are ready:

  1. Package Yourself: Begin by organizing your documents and making photocopies, at least three of each. Necessary documents include your Call-Up letter, NYSC Green card, original certificate or statement of result, and your school ID card. If you misplace your school ID card, your original certificate will suffice.
  2. Avoid Lamination: Do not laminate any of your documents, as NYSC officials advise against it. Laminated documents can’t be easily modified, and there might be a need for signatures or additional information.
  3. Packing: Pack wisely and lightly. Essential items include white polo shirts, white shorts, white tennis shoes, a waist pouch, torchlight, mosquito net (important during the rainy season), casual wear, soap, anti-malaria drugs, bed sheets, detergent, cream, power bank, cash, ATM card, and white socks.
  4. Join Fellow Corp Members: Connect with other prospective Corp members who are posted to the same state as you. Create a WhatsApp group to coordinate your travel plans and journey to the camp together.
  5. Beware of Scams: Be cautious of individuals promising transportation services for a fee. Verify any travel arrangements thoroughly to avoid scams.
  6. Safety Protocols: Road accidents can happen, so always be cautious during your journey to the NYSC orientation camp. Take necessary precautions and say a prayer for a safe trip.
  7. Signature and BVN: Don’t forget to sign your Green card, and ensure that you memorize or have your BVN number readily available, as it’s essential for various transactions during your service year.
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Getting your Call-Up letter is a significant milestone in your journey as a prospective Corp member. Proper preparation, timely organization of documents, and connecting with fellow Corp members will make your transition into the NYSC orientation camp a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Stay informed, stay safe, and embrace this unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Your NYSC adventure is about to begin – make the most of it!


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