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What Happens If You Abscond from NYSC?

The ramifications of absconding from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are not to be taken lightly.

This article sheds light on the various implications of this offense.

The NYSC, a one-year program mandatory for recent graduates in Nigeria, is a rite of passage that serves as a bridge between academic life and the responsibilities of adulthood.


All Nigerian youths who have successfully earned a degree from an accredited university or polytechnic are required to complete this program, with the exception of those eligible for an exemption certificate.

Consequences of Absconding from NYSC

Absconding from NYSC is a grave matter that occurs when a corps member neglects their duties and fails to report for service.

Missing more than three consecutive months of service is considered absconding, and this can result from extended periods of absence without prior notification to superiors or colleagues.


The consequences for absconding from NYSC can be severe. The NYSC authority may opt to suspend or even terminate the service of a corps member who is deemed to be evading their responsibilities without proper notice or adherence to exit procedures.

Every organization has its own established procedures for dealing with absent employees.


The Reasons Behind Absconding from NYSC

Corps members may decide to abscond from NYSC service for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with their assigned roles. Regardless of the motives, absconding points to a failure in internal communication and responsibility.


Why You Should Not Abscond from NYSC

The most severe disciplinary actions that can be taken against absconding corps members include suspension, discharge, or dismissal.

Discharge and dismissal both entail leaving the organization, but dismissal represents a more severe punishment.

Consequences for Refusing Primary Place of Assignment (PPA)

Arriving late for work can also lead to disciplinary action by the Corps Disciplinary Committee.


Those found guilty may face an extension of service with reduced pay for a period equivalent to their lateness duration.

Additionally, corps members who decline their primary assignment posting forfeit compensation for the number of months they are absent and serve an additional two months without pay.

Consequences for Refusing Secondary Assignment

At the secondary assignment level, absenteeism is strictly discouraged. Missing two weeks of work results in the forfeiture of allowances for that month.


Chronic lateness, with more than 30 minutes of delay for four weeks, may lead to a warning and a loss of allowances for seven days.

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Consequences of Reporting Late to PPA

Any corps member who arrives late for work is subject to investigation by the Corps Disciplinary Committee and could face an extension of service with reduced pay matching the duration of their lateness.

Leaving PPA without Permission

Leaving the duty station without written permission from the State Coordinator is strictly prohibited.


Any member caught doing so will be subject to a trial by the Corps Disciplinary Committee, and if found guilty, they will face an extension of service with reduced pay corresponding to their additional absence time.

Traveling Outside the Serving State and Country

Leaving the state or the country without the proper written consent can result in disciplinary action by the Corps Disciplinary Committee.

Those found guilty may face service extensions with reduced pay.


Failing to Report to PPA Punctually

Arriving late for work will lead to an inquiry by the employer and possible punitive action, including an extension of service with reduced pay.

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Consequences of Inducing Rejection of Posting

Corps members who influence the rejection of their posting may be sentenced to an additional 30 days of service at half pay upon conviction.

Consequences of Failing to Carry Out Duties

Any corps member who fails to perform their duties diligently may be questioned by their employer, and the State Coordinator may be notified for disciplinary proceedings.


NYSC Query

A formal NYSC query is issued when corps members violate established rules. It serves as a warning, but repeated queries can lead to service year extensions.

NYSC Terminal Leave

Every corps member is entitled to three weeks of terminal leave, starting on the twenty-first day of the service year, except for those who have recently taken maternity leave.


In conclusion, it is imperative to adhere to NYSC rules and regulations. Absconding from NYSC comes with consequences that can prolong your service period, ranging from days to months, depending on the seriousness of the offense.


Before contemplating such a drastic step, consider the repercussions and be prepared to face the outcomes that accompany it.

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