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Sowing NYSC Extra Khaki – Do You Really Need It?

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One of the questions I get asked often is whether or not to sow an extra NYSC Khaki. Many people may be wondering this as they prepare to start their NYSC service.

Do You Really Need an Extra NYSC Khaki?

The short answer is no. The NYSC Khaki that you will be given in camp will be sufficient for your entire service period. The material is of good quality and is meant to last for a long time.

While the white shorts, Vest, and tennis you will be given in camp will be of inferior quality, the NYSC Uniform comprising the Crested vest, the Khaki, Jungle boot, and Face Cap will be original and of good quality.


Why Don’t You Need an Extra Khaki?

There are a few reasons why you don’t need an extra Khaki. First, you will not be wearing it every day. Most people only wear their Khaki during CDS days and Clearance days during their entire PPA life.

Second, after 11 months, it will be illegal and a crime for you to be wearing your NYSC Khaki around. This is because you will have passed out and no longer be an active corper.

What you need are other NYSC kits like the white vest, tennis, shorts, and others.

These items are more likely to be used on a regular basis, so it is a good idea to have extra pairs of them. You should also consider getting a white round-necked T-shirt and white socks. These items are not essential, but they will make your stay at NYSC camp more comfortable and enjoyable.

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While the NYSC Khaki is a nice uniform, it is not necessary to have an extra one. The one you will be given in camp will be sufficient for your entire service period. You should focus on getting other NYSC kits that you will use more often, such as the white vest, tennis, shorts, and socks.

I hope this helps!

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