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Should I Print My NYSC Green Card In Colored or Black and White?

how to print nysc green card

The NYSC Green Card, often misunderstood as an actual card, is an important document for corps members, especially during the NYSC orientation camp. It contains all the necessary information and details submitted during your NYSC registration process. The question that often arises is whether it should be printed in color or if a black and white printout is okay.

What is the NYSC Green Card?

Contrary to its name, the NYSC Green Card isn’t a physical card; rather, it’s a document that holds significant importance for all prospective corps members. This document is pivotal for the orientation camp phase of the NYSC program. It contains essential information such as:

  • Bio-data (full name, date and place of birth, state of origin, contact details)
  • Medical history
  • Academic qualifications
  • Passport photograph
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Should NYSC Green Card be Printed Color or Black & White?

When it comes to printing your NYSC Green Card, the recommended and preferred choice is to use a colored printer. While there might be the notion that a black and white printout might suffice, opting for a colored print offers several advantages and ensures better compliance with NYSC requirements.

How to Check and Print Your NYSC Green Card

After successful completion of your online NYSC registration, the Green Card will be accessible on your NYSC dashboard. Follow these steps to check and print it:


1. Visit the NYSC official login portal:
The official website of the NYSC is

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2. Click on the “Login here” button:
Click on the “Login here” button with a door picture.

3. Enter your email and password:
Enter your email and password in the space provided, then click on the “Resume” button.


4. Click on “Print Slip”:
Once you are logged in, click on the “Print Slip” button to download and print your NYSC Green Card.

Note that it may about 24 hours after the submission of your form online before you can have access to print your NYSC green card after you must made payment for NYSC call up letter.

In summary, it’s highly advisable to print your NYSC Green Card using a colored printer. This ensures that all the crucial information contained within the document is accurately displayed and easily accessible during your NYSC journey.

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