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Same Email, Phone Number & Profile Code Twice In JAMB

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Have you ever wondered about reusing your email, phone number, or profile code for a second JAMB registration? It’s a common dilemma, especially for students who want to do JAMB registration process again. But is it possible to use same email, phone number and profile code twice in JAMB?

Picture this: students, not new to the JAMB scene, find themselves at a crossroads. They’ve used an email, a phone number, and obtained a JAMB Profile Code during their initial registration. However, circumstances prompt them to seek a fresh JAMB registration.

When the time comes to go for the second attempt, the looming question arises: “Which email should I use?” Can the same email and phone number be apply for the new JAMB registration? Here’s where clarity steps in to ease your worries.

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Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) guidelines for the 2024/2025 UTME Registration are essential knowledge:

Can I use the same email twice for JAMB registration?

Not advisable. Once an email is associated with a JAMB Profile, you can’t use it to create another. Repeating the same email hinders the creation of a new JAMB Profile for your latest registration. But what if you still choose to use it? Consequences await. Difficulty arises in linking the email to JAMB, and your profile remains stuck in the previous JAMB year. This glitch can be problematic, affecting admission processes later on.

The fix? Create a new email solely dedicated to your JAMB endeavors. Separate your JAMB-related activities from other uses of your email, ensuring a smoother registration experience.

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Can I use the same phone number to register for JAMB Twice?

Yes, but it’s a bit trickier. Specific conditions must be met: the phone number should belong to the same student, the initial profile code must be reused, and the previous year’s profile code must be used to purchase a new ePin.

Can I Use the JAMB Profile Code?

Yes, you can use the same JAMB profile code twice. However, it needs to be accompanied by the phone number used during its creation. If the old phone SIM is inaccessible, using the old Profile code becomes impossible. Fortunately, steps exist to recover a lost JAMB Profile code if needed.

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But here’s the deal-breaker: you can’t carry over last year’s JAMB Profile to this year. As the email address can’t be reused, neither can the previous year’s profile, even if retaining the phone number and profile code.

So, the key takeaway? Prepare for a new journey with a fresh email, navigate phone number intricacies cautiously, and understand the limitations regarding the reuse of profile codes. This way, your path through JAMB remains smooth and devoid of unforeseen hurdles.

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