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Print NYSC Green Card (2024 Batch B)

how to print nysc green card
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After completing your NYSC mobilization registration online, as part of the registration process, prospective corps members are required to print their NYSC green card, which are required for them to participate in the orientation exercise.

In this blog post, we will discuss the content of the NYSC Green Card and how to check and print NYSC green card and sample of NYSC green card.

What is green card in NYSC?

The NYSC Green Card is a document that contains the bio-data, medical history, and other relevant information about prospective corps members. The NYSC Green Card is an essential document that must be filled and submitted alongside other documents during NYSC online registration.

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The following information is required on the NYSC Green Card:

  • Bio-data: This includes the full name, date of birth, place of birth, state of origin, and contact information of the prospective corps member.
  • Medical History: This includes information about the prospective corps member’s health status, allergies, and other medical conditions.
  • Academic Qualifications: This includes the institution attended, course of study, and grade obtained by the prospective corps member.
  • Passport Photograph: A recent passport photograph is required to be uploaded during NYSC online registration.

Sample of NYSC Green Card

Below is the how NYSC green card look like:

how does nysc green card look like

How to Check and Print Your NYSC Green Card

After successfully completing NYSC online registration and you’ve made payment for the NYSC call up letter, the next step is to check and print the NYSC Green Card. Here are the steps to follow:

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1. Visit the NYSC official login portal:
The official website of the NYSC is

2. Click on the “Login here” button:
Click on the “Login here” button with a door picture.

3. Enter your email and password:
Enter your email and password in the space provided, then click on the “Resume” button.

4. Click on “Print Slip”:
Once you are logged in, click on the “Print Slip” button to download and print your NYSC Green Card.

Note that it may about 24 hours after the submission of your form online before you can have access to print your NYSC green card after you must made payment for NYSC call up letter.

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In conclusion, the NYSC Green Card is an important document that must be filled and submitted during NYSC online registration. Prospective corps members are advised to ensure that all the required information is accurately provided to avoid any issues during the NYSC program. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily check and print your NYSC Green Card.

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