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NYSC Batch C 2023 Timetable: Online Registration Date & Orientation Camp Date

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The Management and organizers of the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) are pleased to announce to the general public that the 2023 Mobilization Timetable for Batch A, B & C Stream I and II is now ready.

Applicants of the National Youth Service Corps for the year 2023 are to be acquainted with the timetable for possible mobilization.

When is Next Batch for NYSC 2023

If you are waiting to serve, the 2023 NYSC Mobilization Timetable for Batch A, B & C Stream I and II, will serve as a guide to help you through.


So, if the school senate has released the names of graduating students, NYSC will mobilize you for 2023 in any of the batches and streams.

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NYSC Mobilization Timetable For 2023 Batch A, B & C

1. Batch A Stream 1

Orientation course: March 10th – 30th, 2023.


2. Batch A Stream 2

Orientation course: May 18th – June 8th, 2023.

3. Batch B Stream 1


Orientation course: July 27th – Aug 18th, 2022.

4. Batch B Stream 2

Orientation course: Aug 24th – Sep 15th, 2023


5. Batch C Stream 1

Orientation course: Oct 26th – Nov 15th, 2023

6. Batch C Stream 2


Orientation Course: Nov 23rd – Dec 19th, 2023

Requirements for 2023 NYSC Batch C Registration 

The following things must be in place before you start your online registration:

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Why is My Name Not on the Senate List? 

Your name not being on the Senate List could be as a result of your name being on error list due to one reason or the other. You can report back to your school or institution to fix it back before registration closes.

Also, your name will not be on the Senate List, if your documents have been uploaded to NYSC Dashboard. All you have to do is to report back to your school to enable them forward and submit hard copies of your credentials.


What to Do After Missing NYSC Camp

All you have to do is REVALIDATION. As soon as the Online Registration for 2023 Batch C commences, kindly revalidate.

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How to Register NYSC Batch C 2023 Online Registration

All Prospective NYSC candidates whose names appear on the NYSC 2023 Approved Senate List can register using the link below:

  1. Use a valid and active Phone Number and Email address (Gmail more preferred) – To create a fast and secured Gmail account for FREE
  2. Make sure you upload a recent white background passport.
  3. Also, pay online to enable you get your CALL UP NUMBER

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