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Nigerian Army Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

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The Nigerian Army training allowance is almost the same thing with the Nigeria Navy Training Allowance. When we say it’s almost the same thing with the Nigerian Navy is that both are of the Armed Forces are most of the things they do always look alike including the Nigerian AirForce.

The Nigerian Army is ground force of the Nigerian military in charge of protecting the Nigerian territory through the Land. The Nigerian Army is one of the strongest Army in Africa and also rated as one of the best foot fighters in the world.

Now talking about the Nigeria Army Training Allowance, it is divided into 4 groups unlike the Nigeria Navy that is only in 3 group. The first group is the Nigerian Defence Academy, the second group is the Nigerian Army Recruits, the third group is the Nigerian Army Short Service, The fourth group is the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service.
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Now that we have list the recruitments in the Nigeria Army that are paid training allowance, let’s look at how much they receive as training allowance.

The Nigerian Army Training Allowance for recruits who are under training in Depot Nigerian Army is about N9,000 – N12,000. Also note that the training allowance is just for recruits under training.

Nigerian Army DSSC Training Allowance

The Nigeria Army DSSC Training Allowance is between N15,000 – N25,000.

Nigeria Army Training Allowance In NDA

The Army training allowance for cadets under training in the Nigeria Defence Academy is between N25,000 – N50,000 depending on the year you are in the Academy.

Nigeria Army Training Allowance for SSC cadets.

Cadets under this are paid the same thing with those of the SSC because they are all for gradutes. Their monthly training allowance is also between N15,000 – N25,000.

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