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NDE Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Registration Portal |

NDE Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Registration Portal |
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NDE Registration Application Form For Young Unemployed Graduates is made available for all Applicant who got the basic requirements for NDE Programme Registration Application Form For Young Unemployed Graduates. Check out the job position you are willing to apply for and proceed to apply using the procedure below.

All eligible Applicant for NDE Programme Registration Application Form For Young Unemployed Graduates should follow the guidelines and Instructions to know how to go about the online application process as we have been able to list for you below.

How to Apply for NDE Programme Registration Application Form

NDE Programme Registration Application Form

  • In reference to the 774,000 SPW jobs promised by the Federal Government of Nigeria, reports reaching the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) show that some fraudsters have started sending unauthorized advertorials calling for registration for the NDE 774000 SPW Recruitment.

In view of the above the directorate wishes to inform the general public as follow;

• That description of the implementation modalities of the 774 jobs are yet to be concluded
• That the registration for the program has not commenced;
• That the members of the public should, therefore, disregard any publication calling for the registration on social media
• That the general public should be informed accordingly when the registration portal is open
• That the NDE Recruitment Registration is Free

NDE Special Public Works Programme 2023

The Special Public Works Programme (SPW) is divided into various categories:
• Graduate Attachment Programme (GAP)
• Graduate Coaching Scheme (GCS)
• Graduate Special Training Programme (GSTP)
• Environmental Beautification Training Scheme (EBTS)
• Solar Energy Training Scheme (SETS)
• Community Development Scheme (CDS)
• Labour Based Technology Training Scheme (LBTS)

NDE Registration Form
Personal Details of Applicant

1. Surname: Enter your Last Name (father’s name)
2. Other Names: Enter all your Names here
3. State: Choose the state where you come from
4. L.G.A: Select your Local Government Area
5. Geopolitical Zone of Origin: Select your zone in your LGA
6. Address: Enter your contact address which can be home of business address
7. Age (Years): Select your age and date of birth
8. Gender: Choose either Male / Female
9. Telephone Number (GSM-only): The number should start with 080, 070, 081, etc
10. Phone number: Enter your landline number here if available; ignore if you don’t have it
11. Upload Recent Passport Photograph: Snap a passport and Choose File from your computer
12. Means of Identification: Select from the list, e.g.; International Passport, Driver’s License, National identification card, Voters card, School Identification Card
13. Upload Scanned Copy of I.D: Scan the select ID card and upload it online
14. National Identification Number (NIN): Enter your National Identity Number (NIN)
15. Marital Status: You must select one only; Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed
Account Information
E-mail Address: Enter your E-mail address here; could be Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc
Password: Choose a Password you will always remember
Confirm Password: Enter the password again to be sure it’s correct

Education Background

Maximum Qualification: Choose from the list

• No School
• Primary School
• Secondary School
• Polytechnic
• University
Artisan and others

Type of Qualification

• Undergraduate Certificate
• National Certificate
• National Higher Certificate
• National Diploma
• Undergraduate Diploma
• Baccalaureus Technologiae Degree
• Masters Diploma in Technology
• Magister Technologiae Degree
• Bachelor Degree
• Postgraduate Certificate
• Postgraduate Diploma
• Postgraduate Bachelor Degree
• Laureates in Technology
• Undergraduate Diploma
• Honours Degree
• Masters Degree
• Doctor Technologiae Degree
• Doctoral Degree
Discipline: Choose what you studied in school
• Medical Sciences
• Engineering
• Education
•• Arts
Social Sciences
• Law
• Physical Sciences
• • Biological Sciences
• Agricultural Sciences
• Information Technology

Year Of Graduation: Enter the year you graduated from school
Year of Graduation: Choose the year you graduated from school
Upload Curriculum Vitae (CV): Only PDF document allowed

Employment Records

1. Period Of Unemployment: Enter the number of years you have been unemployed
2. Reasons For Unemployment: tell NDE the main reasons you have been unemployed
3. Required Skill: What skills do you have in case you are called for employment?

NDE Recruitment Program Website

Now that you have created your account, you can always come back to login to your NDE recruitment account to see if you have been selected for recruitment in any office, company, or organization.

To login, simply do the following;

1. Visit OR
2. Click on Login at the top right corner of the NDE website
3. Enter the Email address you used to register
4. Enter your password correctly
5. Click Login.

As said earlier, bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with latest updates on NDE recruitment.

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