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JAMB Matriculation List Portal 2024 | Check Your Name Now

How To Check JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization
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The JAMB Matriculation list portal is now open. If you’ve applied for admission into universities, polytechnics, or institutes, it’s time to see if your name is on the matriculation list.

JAMB Matriculation List for NYSC Batch A, B or C

JAMB and NYSC have come together to introduce a crucial policy concerning the matriculation list. This is applicable to all candidates who’ve been admitted into various institutions.

The policy ensures that your admission status is in sync with JAMB’s approval.

Why the JAMB Matriculation List Matters for NYSC

Your admission’s validity is determined by JAMB’s approval. If your name isn’t on the JAMB matriculation list, you’ll face hurdles in accessing or getting mobilized for the NYSC program after completing your studies.

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What If Your Name Isn’t on the Matriculation List?

If you find your name missing from the matriculation list on the JAMB portal, there’s a catch. Your path to NYSC will be blocked, indicating your admission might be invalid, unrecognized, or fake.

Why Your Name is Not on JAMB Matriculation List

Here are reasons why your name might not appear on the list:

  1. If you didn’t accept your admission through JAMB CAPS, your name won’t be shortlisted.
  2. Failure to print your JAMB Result Slip online from the e-Facility Platform of acceptance will prevent your name from being shortlisted.
  3. Ensure you verify your documents with the admission officer at your institution.
  4. Sometimes, network glitches might prevent your name from showing. In such cases, trying again could help.
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How to Check Your Status on the JAMB Matriculation List Portal

  1. Visit JAMB | Central Admissions Processing System | CAPS via
  2. Select your institution category (Federal, Private, or Poly).
  3. Choose your program or course.
  4. Enter your JAMB registration number.
  5. Click “Submit.”

How to Confirm Your Admission on JAMB CAPS

If you’ve received admission, it’s vital to confirm it on the JAMB portal. Only students on this list are recognized as valid students in accredited institutions.

Without your name here, your application to the NYSC scheme for the one-year National service could face denial.

Important Notices:

For those who’ve received the “You have not been given admission yet” message, don’t worry. Your admission is in process, and you might still receive it. Visit the JAMB office for further assistance.

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If you see “Congratulations,” you’re confirmed by JAMB and will be mobilized for NYSC.

For “kindly print JAMB admission letter” or “kindly print JAMB result slip” messages, quickly visit an internet café or JAMB CBT center to print your admission letter or result slip.

Make sure to stay updated on the JAMB matriculation portal and reach out if you encounter any issues.

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