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How To Serve As A Ghost Corper During NYSC

How To Serve As A Ghost Corper During NYSC
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Let’s dive right into a topic that has often been a subject of hushed conversations among Nigerian youth – serving as a “Ghost Corper” during the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

Ghost Corpers, often referred to as absenting or runaway corps members, are individuals who, for various reasons, choose not to serve at their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) but still receive their monthly allowances and eventually obtain their NYSC Discharge certificates.

While some may find this idea intriguing, it’s essential to clarify that we neither condone nor support such actions. Instead, we aim to provide insight into why some individuals take this path and the potential consequences.

Understanding the Concept of Ghost Corper

A Ghost Corper is a term used to describe a corps member who is officially absent from their assigned PPA while still receiving all the benefits and allowances provided by the NYSC.

This means they’re not actively participating in any NYSC activities or performing their duties, yet they continue to collect their monthly stipends and eventually receive their NYSC Discharge certificate.

Now, you might wonder why someone would choose to become a Ghost Corper when the NYSC program is designed for active participation and service. To comprehend this, let’s explore the reasons behind such decisions.

Three (and a Half) Reasons Why People Become Ghost Corpers

  1. Jobs or Other Official Assignments: Picture this scenario – you’ve waited for a year or more before receiving your NYSC call-up letter, and during that waiting period, you secure a fantastic job with good pay and career prospects. When the call-up letter finally arrives, you take permission for the initial three weeks of orientation camp, but serving for the next 11 months seems impossible without jeopardizing your job. For many in this situation, becoming a Ghost Corper becomes a tempting option to retain their job and still obtain the NYSC certificate.
  2. Marriage and Family: Marriage can be a significant factor influencing the decision to serve as a Ghost Corper, primarily for females. Some female corps members strive to get deployed to locations close to their spouses or families, but due to various reasons, this may not always happen. In such cases, where they feel a strong pull towards home, some choose to ghost their service year to be with their loved ones.
  3. Health Challenges: Although rare, health challenges can force a corps member to be absent from their PPA. Ideally, in such situations, the NYSC should facilitate a redeployment. However, if redeployment fails or isn’t an option, Ghosting may be considered as a last resort.
  4. Laziness (The Half Reason): It’s important to acknowledge that laziness and the reluctance to leave one’s comfort zone are not valid reasons for becoming a Ghost Corper. While some individuals might choose this path due to laziness or lack of motivation to serve actively, it’s a half-hearted reason at best.
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Now that we’ve delved into the motivations behind becoming a Ghost Corper, let’s explore how one can potentially navigate this unconventional route.

It’s important to note that these explanations are provided for educational purposes only, and we strongly advise against attempting to serve as a Ghost Corper.

The NYSC program is designed to instill discipline, responsibility, and a sense of national service, and attempting to bypass it undermines these values.

How to Serve as a Ghost Corper (Not Recommended)

If, for any reason, you still wish to explore the path of becoming a Ghost Corper (which we strongly discourage), here are some ways it can be done:

  1. Make a Deal With Your Local Corper Liaise Officer (CLO): You can approach the CLO at your PPA and negotiate a deal. They may agree to cover for you in various aspects of your service, but this approach is often less effective, as the CLO may not have the authority to cover all your obligations.
  2. Make a Deal With Your Local Government CLO: Similar to the previous approach, but on a broader scale. Local Government CLOs might have more influence, but they may still face limitations in covering all aspects of your service.
  3. Approach Your NYSC Local Government Inspector (L.I): This is often the most effective way. Discussing matters with your L.I could lead to arrangements that cover almost all your NYSC responsibilities, including signing your monthly payment voucher (P.V) and handling CDS matters.
  4. Negotiate With Your PPA: If you can persuade your PPA to allow you to be absent and still issue you monthly clearance letters, this might be an option. However, most PPAs would not agree to this arrangement.
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These methods involve negotiations and usually financial arrangements with various NYSC personnel or entities.

However, it’s essential to reiterate that attempting to become a Ghost Corper is not only against NYSC rules but also undermines the values of the program.

Penalties of Getting Caught as a Ghost Corper

Engaging in Ghost Corper activities carries severe consequences if discovered:

  1. Service Extension: You might face an extension of your service year, serving additional months or even a full year, with possible half payment or no payment at all.
  2. Loss of Monthly Allowance: You won’t receive your monthly allowances while investigations are ongoing.
  3. NYSC Query: You could receive a formal query from the NYSC office, which could negatively impact your NYSC experience.
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In conclusion, while the idea of becoming a Ghost Corper may seem enticing to some, it’s essential to consider the consequences and the impact it has on the integrity of the NYSC program.

We strongly advise against attempting such actions and encourage every corps member to participate actively and responsibly in their NYSC service, upholding the values of discipline, commitment, and national service.

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