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How To Make Corrections On NYSC Portal

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Are you looking for how to apply for name correction on NYSC portal or how to correct wrong course of study on the NYSC portal? Have you completed your NYSC mobilization registration and you noticed that there is a typographical error in the spelling of your name or the course of study is not what you studied in school?

If you are searching for how to make NYSC course correction request, NYSC correction of name on the National Youth Service Corps Portal, then you are at the right place. We are human beings and we are bound to make mistakes, that is why the NYSC officials allow prospective corps members to apply for correction of date of birth, correction of course of study and correction of name among other things on the NYSC dashboard.

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How to correct my name on NYSC Portal?

To correct your name on the NYSC Portal, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the NYSC login dashboard portal via
  2. Log in to your dashboard using your email address and password used during registration
  3. Click on Apply for “Name Correction”
  4. Fill the required fields
  5. Click on “Place Request” to submit
  6. Note that your application will be subjected to approval and the NYSC does not attend to the addition, replacement, or removal of names
  7. After applying from your dashboard, contact your Institution to process it and forward to NYSC online for final approval
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How do I Correct Wrong Course of Study on NYSC Portal

The following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Visit to NYSC dashboard via
  2. Login with your email address and password
  3. Scroll down and click on Correction of Course of Study
  4. Select Course of Study
  5. Click “send request”
  6. Visit your Institution’s Student Affair to inform them about it
  7. This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer

Correction of Date of Birth on NYSC Portal

Do you want to apply for change of Date Of Birth (DOB) on the NYSC portal? The NYSC gives correct a mistake or an error in their date of birth on the NYSC portal by prospective corps members.


Before you begin, ensure that you have purchase WAEC results checker PIN because you will need it along the way.


Follow the procedure below:

  1. Visit the NYSC portal via
  2. Login to your NYSC dashboard with your e-mail and password
  3. Click on “Change Date of Birth” button
  4. Once you click on “Change date of birth”, a page with a form will pop-up.
  5. Fill in your details in the field and submit your entries
  6. A notification will be sent to your email when your application have been processed
  7. You are expected to login and check your Mobilization status on your NYSC dashboard
  8. If the status did not change, it means you are still exempted and your Exemption Certificate will be processed
  9. You are expected to visit your Institution after three (3) months and collect your Exemption Certificate.
  10. Note that date of birth is on your Certificate of National Service
  11. You cannot apply for correction of date of birth after registration at the orientation camp

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