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How To Get NYSC Evaluation Letter For Foreign Graduates

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The NYSC Evaluation Letter is an obligatory document for Nigerian citizens who completed their education abroad and wish to participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. This letter serves as proof of the legitimacy and validity of their foreign educational qualifications.

In this article, I will provide you with vital information about the NYSC Evaluation Letter, including who needs it, how to obtain it, and address some commonly asked questions. By reading this article in its entirety, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the evaluation letter and its significance in the NYSC registration process.

What Is NYSC Graduation List

The NYSC Evaluation Letter is a document required for foreign-trained graduates who wish to participate in the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) program in Nigeria. It is a letter issued by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, verifying the authenticity and accreditation status of the foreign institution where the graduate obtained their degree.

The NYSC Evaluation Letter serves as proof that the foreign graduate’s degree is recognized by the Nigerian government and meets the necessary requirements for participation in the NYSC scheme. It is an essential document to ensure that foreign graduates are eligible to undergo the mandatory one-year national service in Nigeria.

The letter is obtained through a process where the graduate’s school compiles a list of graduated students and submits it to the Federal Ministry of Education. The ministry then evaluates the qualifications and accreditation status of the foreign institution before issuing the evaluation letters.

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Having the NYSC Evaluation Letter is crucial for foreign-trained graduates to fulfill the requirements of the NYSC program and gain eligibility for registration and participation in the national service scheme.

Foreign-trained graduates are required by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to upload an Evaluation Letter during their online registration process, particularly if there are doubts about the accreditation of their foreign institution. It is advisable to check the accreditation status of your university.

Why Do I Need NYSC Evaluation Letter?

For graduates from well-known institutions in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other reputable higher education institutions, the evaluation letter may not be necessary.

However, if you obtained your degree from African countries or institutions, the NYSC management may request you to upload the evaluation letter as part of the registration requirements.

If you have graduated from a foreign institution and upon completing your online registration for NYSC, you receive a message stating that you have not been evaluated, it means that you need to obtain an evaluation letter.

Nigerian graduates who obtained their degrees overseas and have doubts about the accreditation of their institution and course can obtain an evaluation letter from the Ministry of Education in Abuja. This letter serves to confirm the validity of the course studied and the accreditation status of the institution.

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The National University Commission (NUC) advises Nigerians to avoid enrolling in universities located in countries such as Ghana, Niger, Togo, Benin Republic, and other African nations. This caution is likely due to the lack of accreditation of many educational institutions in those countries.

During the evaluation process, the Ministry of Education will verify the accreditation status of your foreign institution. It is recommended to confirm the accreditation status with your school’s management before applying for the evaluation.

Once you receive the evaluation message on your NYSC dashboard, it is important to scan and upload the required documents as instructed.

How To Process Your NYSC Evaluation Letter

To process your application for the NYSC evaluation letter, you will need to gather the following documents, scan them, and upload them during the application process:

  1. Certificate or Degree: Provide a copy of your certificate or degree obtained from the foreign institution.
  2. Transcript: Include copies of your academic transcript or mark sheets that show the courses you completed and the grades you achieved.
  3. Admission Letter: Submit a copy of your admission letter from the foreign institution as proof of your enrollment.
  4. International Passport: Provide a scanned copy of your international passport, including the data page with your personal information and the page showing the visa indicating your period of study.
  5. Residence Permit: If you were studying in an ECOWAS country, include a copy of your residence permit for the duration of your study.
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Please note that there may be additional requirements depending on your specific circumstances or the evaluation process.

The processing fee for the evaluation letter is 500 Naira, which will be required during the application process.

Why Have I Not Been Evaluated By NYSC?

There could be several reasons why you have not been evaluated by NYSC:

  1. Evaluation letter not submitted: If you have not submitted your evaluation letter, it is important to do so as it is a mandatory requirement for foreign-trained graduates. Make sure you follow the prescribed process and submit the required documents for evaluation.
  2. Processing time: The evaluation process may take some time for confirmation purposes. It is common for the evaluation to undergo a verification process to ensure the authenticity of the documents and the accreditation status of the institution. Be patient and allow NYSC to complete the evaluation process.

If you have submitted your evaluation letter and it has been a while without any update, it is advisable to reach out to NYSC through their official channels to seek clarification and obtain information on the status of your evaluation. They will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance.

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