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How to Check NYSC Monthly Clearance Status Online

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I will guide you through the step-by-step process of checking your NYSC LGA monthly clearance status on the NYSC portal.

Recently, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) introduced a new feature called “LGA Clearance” on its official website. This feature enables Corps members to check their monthly clearance status.

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Every month, Corps members are required to do a clearance, and the results of each clearance are displayed on their dashboard on the NYSC online portal.

To access this option, you need to have a profile with NYSC. Also Read How to Do NYSC Monthly Clearance 


If a Corps member misses the NYSC clearance, it will be marked as “Absent” for that person on the NYSC online portal.

Having even one “Absent” status will result in not receiving the monthly allowance, and having two or more “Absent” statuses can lead to an extension of the service year without pay. The severity of the punishment increases with the number of “Absent” statuses.

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As a Corps member, it is important to regularly check your clearance status.


If you see “Absent” on your dashboard for a specific month, it means that you did not participate in the clearance for that month.

In this article, I will provide you with guidelines on how to check your NYSC monthly clearance status.

Please note that a successful clearance for a particular month will be shown as “Present.” If no clearance is done in a month, your status will be marked as “Absent.”


Here is how you can check your NYSC LGA monthly clearance status online:

1. Go to the NYSC portal by visiting
2. Log in to your dashboard using your email and password.
3. Click on “LGA Clearance.”
4. You will see a list of the months in which you participated in the NYSC monthly clearance, along with your status, which can be either “Present” or “Absent.”

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Remember not to worry if you see “Absent” for the month you left the NYSC orientation camp. However, if you see “Absent” for any other month apart from the month you left the camp, you should raise an alarm.


If you have done the clearance but your status still shows as “Absent,” it is best to report this to your Local Government Inspector (LGI) before it becomes too late.

Corps members should pay attention to their clearance status. Those who might face a service year extension will be aware of it and won’t be surprised by any decision taken by the NYSC management. Also Read Effect Missing of Missing NYSC Monthly Clearance 

Monthly clearance is crucial for serving Corps members as it is a requirement to receive the allowance from the Federal Government.


If you have cleared for a month and find that your status is displayed as “Absent,” it is advisable to contact your Local Government Inspector (LGI) as soon as possible.

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Additionally, once you have completed your NYSC biometric clearance, your LGA monthly clearance status should be updated on your dashboard, although it depends on the network in your area.

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