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How To Change Your Marital Status On NYSC Portal Online

How to Change Your Marital Status on NYSC Portal online
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Have you completed your NYSC mobilization registration and you used single as your martial status? Now you want to change your Marital status to married on your NYSC portal online?

In this blog post, you will learn how to change NYSC martial status on the NYSC portal online.

Maybe you got married during your NYSC and you want to apply for NYSC relocation based on marital grounds so you can be posted or redeploy to serve in your husband’s state of residence, you’d need to effect a change on the portal.

Before we get started, you should know that changing of martial status on NYSC Portal is only available to female corps members who got married while serving or are married but made a mistake during the mobilization registration process.

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Documents for Female Married PCM to Upload on the NYSC Portal

Listed below are the documents you will need before you can change your NYSC martial status online.

  • Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit).
  • Evidence of State of residence of husband (e.g., driving license,
    National ID, NEPA bill).
  • Identity of Husband (e.g., Driving license, National ID).
  • Letter from employer/utility bills.
  • Newspaper change of name.

Apart from the marriage certificate and evidence of change of name, other documents are meant to known where you will be posted. Hence, it is important that all the documents carries or points to the same address/state.

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Ensure that these documents are scanned with high resolution to ensure clarity so it won’t be rejected when it won’t get rejected by end of the process.

How To Change Your Marital Status On NYSC Portal Online

Here are the steps to change your marital status on the NYSC portal:

  • Login to your nysc dashboard portal via
  • Click the ‘Apply for Correction’s icon
  • The next page will open some fields where you will be required to type in your details within the boxes
  • Click ‘Place Request to Submit.’
  • After submitting, you will required to upload the document ls you had scanned initially.
  • If the change is approved, you’d know immediately.
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If your documents were rejected, then your status as married would show rejected meaning your application for relocation based on marital grounds has been disapproved by NYSC management.

In case the NYSC rejected your application because of:

  • Blurry documents
  • Irrelevant documents

Follow the below steps to change or re-upload higher quality and clearer document:

  • Tap the rejected documents.
  • Tap the ‘Edit’ feature.
  • Upload the new documents.

If these documents are also not of high clarity, they may end up getting rejected again.

So, instead of uploading a picture of the document, ensure that you have it scanned in high resolution for clarity.

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