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How Long Does JAMB Regularization Take to Be Approved?

How to Check jamb regularization portal
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If you’ve ever found yourself waiting anxiously for the approval of your JAMB regularization, you’re not alone.

Many prospective Direct Entry (DE) applicants and graduates have faced frustration due to delays in the approval process.

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You’ve completed your online registration, submitted the indemnity form to your school, but the approval email still remains elusive.

You might even be wondering, “How long does JAMB regularization take before approval?” In this post, we’ll shed light on the factors that contribute to these delays and provide insights into the approval timeline.


JAMB Regularization Process

Before we delve into the intricacies of approval delays, let’s quickly revisit the steps involved in JAMB regularization:

1. Visit a CBT center or JAMB office to initiate your registration.
2. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an indemnity form.
3. The indemnity form needs to be signed, stamped, and approved by your previous school.
4. The school forwards the form to the appropriate JAMB office for final approval.
5. Once approved, JAMB sends you an email notification confirming your successful regularization.
6. You may then print your JAMB admission letters with the new or renewed registration number.

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How Long Does JAMB Regularization Take?

The delay in JAMB regularization approval usually stems from the process between JAMB and your school.


Some schools may wait for a substantial number of applications before submitting them in bulk to the JAMB office.

This bulk submission approach could contribute to the delay.

However, what adds to the confusion is that schools might deflect blame onto JAMB, claiming that the matriculation board hasn’t completed its part promptly.


Yet, JAMB’s perspective offers a different insight into the situation.

What JAMB Has to Say?

According to JAMB, the board typically completes the regularization approval process within 24 hours of receiving the stamped indemnity forms from schools.

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This implies that JAMB is prepared to process and approve the applications swiftly once they reach their end.


This information clarifies that the root of the delay is likely within the school’s submission process.

If you’re facing an approval delay, the school’s reluctance or inefficiency in forwarding the collected forms to JAMB might be the primary cause.

How To Settle Jamb Regularization Delay

If you’re keen on resolving the delay and obtaining your JAMB regularization approval, consider the following steps:

  1. If your school blames the delay on JAMB, approach your school authorities to understand the status of the submissions. Politely inquire about the progress and express your urgency in getting the forms sent to JAMB.
  2. It might be necessary to follow up with your school repeatedly to ensure that they take the submission seriously. The more proactive you are, the greater the chances of expediting the process.
  3. In some cases, JAMB might notice errors or issues with the submitted forms, prompting them to return the forms to the school for corrections. Be prepared to address any discrepancies to avoid further delays.
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Understanding the dynamics of JAMB regularization approval delays helps you take the appropriate actions to expedite the process.

While schools might play a pivotal role in causing these delays, JAMB’s commitment to swift approval is evident.

By staying informed and proactive, you can navigate the regularization process more effectively and minimize the waiting time for your much-awaited approval.


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