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EXPLAINED: How Does NYSC Mobilize Students?

NYSC Orientation Camp 2023 [All You Need To Know]
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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program in Nigeria designed to help young Nigerians contribute to the development of their country. As part of the program, all eligible graduates must participate in a one-year service period.

How Does NYSC Mobilize Students?

The NYSC mobilization process is a complex one that involves a number of steps. Here is an overview of the process:

1. Submission of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result Lists

The first step in the mobilization process is for the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) to submit their Senate/Academic Board Approved Result Lists to the NYSC. These lists contain the names of all graduates who are eligible to participate in the NYSC program.

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2. Online Registration

Once the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result Lists have been submitted, eligible graduates can register online for the NYSC program. This involves creating an account on the NYSC portal and providing personal information, such as name, date of birth, and contact details.

3. Uploading of Documents

After registering online, graduates must upload copies of their required documents, such as their degree certificates, statements of results, and passports. These documents are used to verify the graduate’s eligibility for the NYSC program.

4. Verification of Documents

The NYSC verifies all uploaded documents to ensure that they are genuine and that the graduate is eligible for the program.

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5. Payment of Registration Fee

All graduates who are successfully verified must pay a registration fee to the NYSC. This fee covers the cost of the orientation camp and other administrative costs.

6. Printing of Call-Up Letters

Once the registration fee has been paid, graduates can print their call-up letters. These letters contain important information, such as the graduate’s reporting date and location for the orientation camp.

7. Orientation Camp

All graduates must participate in a three-week orientation camp. The orientation camp is designed to introduce graduates to the NYSC program and to prepare them for their service year.

8. Service Year

After completing the orientation camp, graduates are deployed to different parts of Nigeria to serve for one year. During their service year, graduates participate in a variety of activities, such as teaching, community development, and healthcare.

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9. Certificate of Discharge

Once the service year is complete, graduates are issued with a certificate of discharge. This certificate is a valuable document that can be used to apply for jobs and further education.


The NYSC mobilization process is a complex one, but it is an important step in preparing young Nigerians for a life of service and contribution to their country.

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