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Does NYSC Use Year of Graduation or Year of Mobilization?

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When preparing for NYSC mobilization, there might be concerns about the year your school will send for the mobilization list. You may wonder if it will be based on the year of your graduation or the year the school actually sends the list, which could be different. Let’s break it down.

Which Age Do NYSC Use for Mobilization

Let’s consider Chioma, who is 29 years old. She knows that if she turns 30, she may not be eligible for NYSC and will receive an exemption certificate instead. Now, Chioma is in her final year of school.

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Due to potential issues like ASUU or ASUP strikes that commonly affect education in Nigeria, she worries that she might turn 30 by the time her school is ready to send names to NYSC.

She will graduate this year, but what if the list is delayed and she turns 30 before it’s sent? Her concern is whether NYSC will consider the year of her graduation or the year of mobilization, which might be when she’s older than 30.


If NYSC uses the year of graduation, she believes she should be able to serve since she will graduate at 29 or 30. However, if NYSC considers the year of mobilization, which might be when she’s 31, she will have missed her chance.

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How to Know Which Age NYSC Use for Mobilization

This post will clearly explain which year NYSC considers for mobilization if you’re in a similar situation as Chioma. It will show you how to confirm the year your school sends to NYSC and how to change it in your favor.

NYSC uses the year of graduation instead of the year of mobilization if the school submits it correctly. However, it may be difficult to know which year your school will send. Will they send your year of graduation or the year they are sending the list? As a graduate, you may not be sure which one your school will claim for you.


If they claim the year of graduation that aligns with your age eligibility, you will be able to go to the NYSC camp sooner. But if they claim the year of posting, it may not favor your current age.

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To determine the year being sent by your institution, pay attention to the information displayed during the NYSC mobilization registration. After entering your JAMB registration and matriculation numbers, the page will refresh and show the information your school sent to NYSC, including your name arrangement, grade, and graduation year. Pay attention to the graduation year as it will indicate if it aligns with your mobilization eligibility.

Can I Change Date of Birth During NYSC Registration?

If the default graduation year will make you exceed the age of 30, you can change it during the NYSC registration. Yes, you have the option to alter the graduation year in your NYSC registration form.


While it’s not certain if NYSC or your school wants you to change it, the system allows you to modify the date within the provided box. If the system didn’t allow changes, the option wouldn’t be available. You have the opportunity to change your destiny at this stage.

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NYSC made the date changeable because they understand that some schools might make mistakes in the years of graduation they submit. Therefore, they gave prospective members the chance to rectify such issues.


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