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Do I Need My NIN, Birth Certificate or LGA Certificate in NYSC Camp?

Getting ready for NYSC Orientation camp? Make sure you have all your necessary documents in order before heading out.

One question that often arises during the documentation process is whether you need to present your NIN (National ID Card), local government identification, or birth certificate to NYSC officials.

It’s a good idea to inquire about the requirements during any screenings or documentation sessions you may have attended.


Will you need these documents on the NYSC camp? Are they essential during the 21-day camping period?

Is NIN Needed in the NYSC Camp?

Let’s answer these questions in this post. While it’s advisable to bring your national ID card to camp, just like any other official form of identification such as a driver’s license or voter’s card, there is no specific requirement for the NIN during the mandatory NYSC on-camp documentation.

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You won’t be asked to submit either the original or a photocopy of your national ID card during the camping or screening process. So, if you don’t have it yet, even though you should, or if you’ve lost it, it won’t pose any problems during the screening.


However, I recommend getting your national ID card not just for camping purposes but also for your own safety and identification.

Do I Need to Bring My Local Government Certificate?

It’s worth noting that the local government identification is essentially the same as the state of origin or an attestation of local government/state.

This identification document is not required at the NYSC camp, so you don’t necessarily have to bring it for camping.


Your local government is already indicated on your green card, which was generated from your JAMB data.

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There is no need for any NYSC official to request this document during any stage of the camping process.

Is Birth Certificate Required for NYSC Camp Registration?

Similarly, birth certificates or age declaration certificates will not be asked for during the documentation and camping.


You might wonder why since NYSC takes the age of prospective corps members seriously.

The NYSC already has access to your date of birth through your JAMB data or WAEC details. If you weren’t within the acceptable age bracket, you wouldn’t have been mobilized in the first place.

Therefore, once you have been posted and make it to the camp, your date of birth becomes irrelevant to the officials.


Unless you have something specific to prove during camp, you don’t need to worry about bringing birth certificates with you.

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Similar to the National ID, although not required, I still advise you to bring your birth certificate along.

It may come in handy for certain purposes like opening your bank account for your allowance. The NIN and birth certificate may save you some frustration in such situations.

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