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Difference Between NYSC Stream I and Stream II

Difference Between NYSC Stream I & II – Explained
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Are you a prospective NYSC corps member? Do you know the difference between NYSC Stream I and Stream II?

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we will give you all the important information about the NYSC orientation camp requirements.

We will discuss the difference between NYSC Stream I and Stream II, and also the items that are not allowed in the camp. Make sure to read carefully so you don’t miss any important details!

What is NYSC Stream?

The NYSC Stream is a way of dividing a particular batch into two for convenience purpose. The National Youth Service Corps program mobilizes 3 batches every year and each of these batches is again divided into 2 due to logistics and other reasons.

Why is the NYSC Stream So Important?

The reason behind the idea of streams in NYSC is due to population and the amenities available. The NYSC management in conjunction with higher institutions may mobilize let say 50,000 graduates for a particular Batch.

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The basic amenities and other resources at every orientation camps might take just 25,000 Corp members. Imagine forcing 50,000 Corp members on places and camps built for 25,000 people.

It’s going to be over crowding and a lot of things will go wrong. In an attempt to regulate the crowd and make camps comfortable and reasonable, the splitting of streams became important.

After each NYSC registration, the management will look at the statistics and if the population is too high, there will be a split officially recognized as Streams.

How Do NYSC Split Streams?

The algorithm used by the management is not known because it’s not dependent on anything. You don’t belong to a stream because of your state of origin, your institution, your course of study, your gender, the time or where you registered. It’s simply random.

How Can I Know the Stream I Belong to?

Knowing the stream you belong to is easy and its always during the printing of NYSC call-up letter. After the NYSC registration, you will be left in the dark and when the call-up letter is out, only Stream one will be able to print their call-up letter on their dashboard. Others will see “Sorry, you are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your call-Up letter.”

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How Can I Skip Stream I?

A lot of people always want to skip Stream I and go with Stream II for a reason known to them and so they always want to ask this particular question. The fact is that you cannot skip Streams.

If you belong to a particular stream and you refuse to go, you will have to wait for next batch. There have been a couple of exceptions where the management will open the portal for Stream II to do a fresh registration but it’s just on rare occasions.

If there is no fresh registration for stream II, then you cannot skip Stream I. But if there will be a fresh registration for Stream II, you will be able to skip stream I as you will automatically become stream II once the portal is open again for registration.

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The last question either there will be another special registration for Stream II or not have been answered above. NYSC special registration for Stream II is not regular and it’s on rare occasion.

Why do you think people always want to skip Stream I and if you are reading this and wish to go with Stream II, share with us why you want to skip stream I. Also if have any other questions or you want me to teach you the hack to make you follow the Stream of your choice, comment below.

I hope this blog post has been helpful in explaining the difference between NYSC Stream I and Stream II. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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