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Can Part-Time/Long Distance Learning Register for NYSC?

Reasons Why You Should Become a CLO During NYSC
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Remember reading about NYSC and wondering if your part-time, sandwich, or distance learning degree means you can skip the service entirely? Turns out, it’s not quite that simple. While some programs allow you to serve after “regularization,” others land you in the “excluded” category – with its own set of online hoops to jump through.

So, if you’re facing an exclusion letter instead of a call-up notice, you’re probably wondering: “Do I even need to register online? Where’s my letter hiding? And does this involve cafes and mysterious payments?”

Fear not, excluded comrades, for this post shines a light on the NYSC exclusion process and answers all your burning questions.

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Online Registration? Yes, Please!

Just like your full-time counterparts, you’ll be registering online during the mobilization period. Imagine the portal as a welcoming committee, embracing both potential servers and those destined for exclusion letters. So, head to your nearest accredited cafe and join the registration party!

Get ready to provide the same info as the serving troops – think personal details, academic qualifications, and the whole shebang. It might feel like you’re prepping for camp, but rest assured, these details are purely for record-keeping. Your green card? Hold onto it for now, you won’t need it at camp – because you’re not going (sorry, not sorry).

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Call-Up vs. Exclusion Letters

Here’s where things diverge. While serving graduates are busy printing call-up letters and COVID-19 forms, you, my excluded friend, will be on the lookout for your own special document: the exclusion letter. This beauty might even be waiting for you on your dashboard before the call-up letters are even uploaded. Talk about early birds!

Whether you’re serving or excluded, the NYSC online registration is a shared experience. You fill out the form, wait patiently, and then – depending on your fate – print either a call-up letter or that coveted exclusion document. So, chin up, excluded graduates! Your online journey might be slightly different, but it’s just as official (and way less camp-intensive).

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Now, go forth and conquer that online registration! And remember, while you won’t be rocking the khaki, your degree and exclusion letter are proof of your academic journey. So, wear them with pride!

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