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Can NYSC Post A Corper To Serve In His State of Origin?

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I want to clarify the misconception that NYSC always posts corps members to any state they wish. While it is true that NYSC has the right to post corps members to any state in the country, they usually post corps members to a state other than their state of origin or the state where they graduated from.

However, there have been cases where some corps members are posted to their state of origin, causing confusion among others.

Why NYSC Don’t Post Corpers To Their State of Origin

As mentioned earlier, it is not typical for NYSC to post members to their states of origin. The primary goal of NYSC is to promote national integration by exposing corps members to different cultures and people from various regions in Nigeria.

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Therefore, the norm is for corps members to be posted outside their states of origin and familiar cultures. It is safe to assume that NYSC will not automatically post you to your state of origin without any internal processing or influence. So, don’t expect to be posted to your state of origin by luck alone.

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation To Your State Of Origin

Listed below are the acceptable grounds for NYSC relocation/redeployment:

  • Health/Medical Issues
  • Marital Grounds
  • Security

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment Online

Step 1: Visit the NYSC official website

Step 2: Login in with your email and password you used while registering on the portal

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Step 3: Scroll down and click on “relocation“

Step 4: Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided

You will notified via email or text message whether your application is approved or rejected.

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