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Can I Register for NYSC Myself or In Absence? See Answer Here

NYSC Accredited Cyber Cafe In Abuja 2023
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As NYSC mobilization registration becomes more challenging, some prospective corps members are wondering if they can handle the registration by themselves.

They are asking if they can use their phones, computers, or tablets to register or if they can have someone else do it for them.

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In this post, we will discuss the possibility of registering for NYSC on your own or if it’s best to leave it to accredited cafes.

Can I Register for NYSC Myself?

To register for NYSC by yourself, you will need a computer and a UarU fingerprint scanner. However, getting the scanner might be difficult and expensive.


Accredited cafes have these resources and can handle the registration for a moderate fee.

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The process changed when NYSC introduced the accreditation of cafes. Now, cafes must register with NYSC before they can handle the registration of prospective corps members.

So, it’s not advisable to go through the stress of accreditation and registration yourself.


Can Someone Do NYSC Registration for Me?

It is not recommended to let someone else handle your NYSC registration in your absence.

The registration requires your fingerprints, and you will still need to appear in person for biometric capturing.

Leaving such an important registration to a proxy can lead to problems.



In conclusion, registering for NYSC by yourself is not possible due to the required resources and the need for accreditation.

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If you can’t be there for the entire process, you can have someone else handle the non-biometric parts of the registration for you.

But it’s best to be present for the fingerprint capturing and biometrics to avoid any issues.


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