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Can I Do HND/BSC Top-Up During NYSC Service?

Can I Do Top-Up Degree While Serving at NYSC
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Are you currently serving in the NYSC program as an HND holder and interested in pursuing a top-up degree? Perhaps you are considering converting your HND to a BSc while still serving in the NYSC.

Many HND holders opt for top-up degree programs to be on par with their BSc counterparts, and it is advisable to pursue this option sooner rather than later.

Given this context, numerous serving corps members prefer not to wait until the completion of their service year to apply for top-up degree programs.

The question arises: Is it possible to pursue a top-up degree while serving in the NYSC program? Is it officially permitted to be simultaneously enrolled in NYSC, apply for an HND/BSc conversion program, and pursue the course?

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In other words, can you engage in both the NYSC service and a top-up degree program concurrently?

HND to Bsc/Top-Up Degree During NYSC

NYSC does not officially restrict you from obtaining admission forms for other programs such as Masters, PGDE, Direct Entry, or Top-up Degrees.

Some universities may not require NYSC certificates for their Master’s programs, and you are allowed to apply for Direct Entry if you wish to pursue a new degree.

Similarly, if you decide to obtain the top-up degree form while serving in the NYSC program, it is officially permitted.

However, there may be limitations to your admission in the case of HND/BSc conversion programs, which we will discuss further.

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While you can apply for the top-up degree form during your service year, you may not be admitted until you can provide your NYSC certificate. The majority of universities require the NYSC certificate as part of the admission requirements for the conversion program.

If you come across a university that may not require the NYSC certificate for the top-up degree course, it is recommended to contact them directly or visit the university to confirm if they will waive that requirement for you.

However, if you are exempted (due to being over-aged) or excluded (as a part-time, distance learning, NOUN, or sandwich program graduate), and you have already obtained an exemption certificate or letter, you can still pursue the top-up degree and be offered admission within the service year since you already have your certificate.

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For candidates who are required to serve for 12 months before receiving their discharge certificates, they will need to wait for the release of their discharged certificates before there is any possibility of being admitted to the conversion course.

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