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Can I Apply For JAMB Direct Entry While At NYSC Service?

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If you are currently serving in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as either an HND or BSc holder and you are considering pursuing another degree or obtaining a second degree through JAMB Direct Entry (DE), you may be wondering if this is a feasible option.

You might be concerned about the legality of pursuing admission through Direct Entry while being engaged in NYSC service. Additionally, you may question whether your previous educational background and current service status would affect your chances of securing admission.

This post aims to provide answers to your queries and address any related concerns you may have regarding pursuing another degree or obtaining admission through JAMB Direct Entry while serving in NYSC.

Can I Apply For JAMB DE While Serving?

While serving as a corps member, it is indeed possible to pursue admission into a university through the JAMB Direct Entry (DE) process. If you are offered DE admission, it will allow you to enter the 200 or 300 level of your chosen course. There are universities that accept HND/BSc holders into the 300 level through DE.

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There are no specific NYSC regulations that prohibit serving corps members from applying for university admission. Since you have a year to complete your service, you can utilize that time to process your DE admission without it conflicting with your service obligations.

If you receive admission during your service year, it is advisable to manage the situation effectively so that one does not negatively impact the other. You may have options such as deferring the admission until the completion of your service year, allowing you to focus on fulfilling your NYSC responsibilities before starting your new academic program.

Will I Be Given Admission?

If you are concerned about the possibility of JAMB depriving you of admission because they might be aware that you have previously been offered admission by a university or polytechnic, there is no need to be discouraged.

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In reality, the likelihood of being denied admission by JAMB is only possible if they are aware that you are still enrolled in an educational institution.

However, since you have completed your previous degree or diploma program, you are no longer within their jurisdiction.

To ensure additional safety and minimize any potential issues, you may consider creating a new JAMB profile specifically for your Direct Entry registration.

By using a different phone number from the one you used for your initial HND or BSc admission, you can further establish a distinction and avoid any unnecessary complications.

Rest assured, you will not encounter any problems with being admitted to a new university through the JAMB Direct Entry process. The university does not generally consider whether you have previously been admitted, completed a degree or diploma program, or are currently serving or have already completed your service year.

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The most important factor is following the proper procedures to secure your new admission, which involves applying through JAMB’s Direct Entry program.

In fact, if you hold a BSc degree, you may even have the opportunity to pursue a second degree at the same university where you graduated. There is no restriction that prevents you from undertaking a second degree program on the same campus.

However, it should be noted that this is different from attempting to pursue two different degree programs simultaneously at the same university, which is typically not allowed by most universities.

By adhering to the guidelines and regulations of the JAMB Direct Entry program, you can confidently pursue your desired second degree without any hindrance.

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