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11 Benefits Of Becoming A CLO During NYSC Service

Reasons Why You Should Become a CLO During NYSC
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The Corper’s Liaison Officer (CLO) is a distinguished Corps member who holds a leadership position and is responsible for supervising, guiding, and coordinating other Corps members within a local government or specific community.

The role of the CLO is crucial in supporting the Local Government Inspector (LGI) in the execution of their duties. These duties encompass various tasks, such as informing the LGI about available Places of Primary Assignments (PPAs) in the area, assisting with the clearance process, aiding in tasks delegated by the LGI, monitoring and reporting on the activities of Corps members, leading the registration of new Corps members, and similar responsibilities.

Reasons Why You Should Become a CLO During NYSC

While all Corps members enjoy certain benefits, the benefits bestowed upon the CLO are particularly noteworthy due to their leadership role and impact on the overall functioning of the NYSC program.

It is important to note that the principles highlighted here are applicable to any leadership position that Corps members may hold during their service year. These principles emphasize the significance of leadership and the responsibilities that come with it.

1. Development of Leadership Skills

Taking on the role of CLO offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your leadership skills. The responsibilities and tasks associated with being a CLO will challenge and improve your ability to lead.

As a CLO, you will face situations where you need to address a group of Corps members, provide guidance, organize activities, and maintain control. Leading a diverse group of individuals will test your patience, critical thinking, teamwork, and moral standards, ultimately contributing to your overall skill development.

In the professional world, effective leaders must possess strong management skills. They need to oversee operational tasks, create budgets, prioritize workloads, and carry out executive duties. By serving as a CLO, you can gain training and experience that will help you develop this crucial skill set for future career endeavors.

2. Enhancement of Public Speaking Abilities

Becoming a CLO also offers the opportunity to refine your public speaking skills. Public speaking is a fundamental aspect of leadership as it requires addressing groups of people, engaging in negotiations when necessary, and interacting with others in various daily activities.

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In today’s job market, there are numerous situations where you may need to speak confidently and eloquently to diverse audiences about your organization’s mission and goals. Serving as a CLO can provide you with the experience and confidence necessary to excel in such scenarios, allowing you to communicate effectively and make a lasting impression.

3. Expanding Your Business Network

Being a CLO can significantly expand your business network. Through your close association with the Local Government Inspector (LGI), you have the opportunity to build a rapport with them and potentially connect with other individuals at their level or even higher.

In addition to the LGI, you will come into contact with other senior government officials at the local secretariat, which can further expand your business network. Establishing relationships with these individuals can provide you with opportunities to attend high-level functions and meet other influential figures. These connections can lead to valuable personal and professional contacts that may benefit you in the future.

4. Enhancing Your CV

Consider the scenario where a CLO and another individual with similar education, qualifications, and abilities are both applying for a job. Who do you think the company would be more likely to choose?

Undoubtedly, the CLO would have an advantage because companies often seek individuals who are team players, possess leadership abilities, and can effectively coordinate people to achieve goals and objectives.

Being a CLO provides valuable experience that serves as a strong recommendation or advantage during job applications. A certificate recognizing your position as a CLO can be submitted alongside your application.

Companies and employers recognize the significant role and efforts involved in leading a group of individuals, and they appreciate the initiative it takes to assume such a leadership position. Having leadership experience on your resume increases your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers.

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Additionally, holding a student leadership role serves as a noteworthy talking point during interviews, demonstrating your ability to lead and manage teams.

5. Generating Additional Income

There are opportunities for the CLO to earn additional income through various means, although some of these may be illegal. These income sources include small payments for registrations, bribes from ghost Corps members, tips from Corps members planning to travel, and other sources.

Occasionally, the LGI may show appreciation for the CLO’s efforts by providing some form of compensation. While these earnings may be modest, they can serve as a motivating factor.

6. Sense of Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Engaging in a role that brings personal happiness, contributes to the happiness of others, and garners respect and honor can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. The confidence gained from fulfilling this role can motivate individuals to take on more challenging tasks in the future.

In the realm of employment, confidence plays a crucial role, and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction can greatly contribute to one’s overall confidence and well-being.

7. Acquisition of New Skills

The responsibilities of a CLO often require the acquisition of new skills that may not have been previously possessed. These skills can include record-keeping, financial accounting, file documentation and organization, inventory management, and more.

Taking on this new role and its associated tasks can be challenging, but the skills acquired through the experience can be valuable in handling various multitasking duties required of a manager in a company or organization.

8. Embracing Accountability

A CLO must recognize the significant responsibility they hold for the well-being of all Corps members under their supervision. They are responsible for ensuring that Corps members are present at their Places of Primary Assignment (PPAs), comply with travel procedures, attend general meetings, receive their allowances, and adhere to the codes of conduct established by the NYSC.

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In the event of any jeopardy or trouble faced by a Corps member, the CLO will be involved in accounting for their whereabouts. This heightened sense of responsibility is a valuable trait sought after in the job market. Leaders are not only accountable for themselves but also for the extended responsibilities that impact a wide range of individuals.

Leadership entails ensuring that tasks are completed and that all members of the organization perform to the best of their abilities. If someone fails to fulfill a task, leaders take ownership and ensure its completion. The responsibilities undertaken as a CLO can serve as a valuable lesson in upholding accountability.

9. Enhancing Negotiation Abilities

As a CLO, you will encounter situations where different CDS (Community Development Service) groups within the local government have conflicting goals, needs, and projects.

This requires the development of negotiation skills to establish priorities and find compromises that can align the interests of the various groups and gain their support for collaborative projects.

10. Increased Respect from Peers

Once you assume the role of CLO, your fellow Corps members will perceive you differently. They will recognize your authority and naturally show you a higher level of respect.

If you actively and successfully fulfill your responsibilities as a CLO, this respect will only grow stronger and will be willingly given without hesitation or doubt. Even outside of official duties, your position as a CLO will be acknowledged, and others may approach you with challenging tasks and opportunities.

11. Strengthen Your Problem-Solving Skills

Being a CLO entails managing not only your own personal life but also the well-being of other Corps members. This demanding responsibility provides ample opportunities to hone your problem-solving skills and foster creativity.

Balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities as a CLO will equip you with valuable problem-solving abilities that can be applied to future jobs, family responsibilities, and community service.

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